Volkl BMT 109 20/21 Alpine Touring Ski

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The Volkl BMT 109 is a big mountain ski designed for the modern freeride backcountry user. It has the surface area to handle deep snow, but feel free to use these rocket ships (I mean skis) to blast through just about any form of snow that falls from the sky. The BMT 109 has a fully rockered shape and an early-tapered sidecut to provide the ski with a nimble dexterity on the downhill. Full rocker means that the ski has no traditional camber underfoot; this makes the ski easier to turn, say while in trees skiing knee-deep powder. The early-tapered sidecut compliments this rockered shape by bringing the widest part of the ski closer to the middle, which shortens the turning radius. Again, this helps to more readily pivot the ski underfoot. But don't be confused, as the BMT's construction can handle high speeds quite well. It's full rocker shape also means that the more you engage a turn, the more contact the edge has with the snow. This provides increased edge-control is more variable conditions. This ski is an expert level, all-season touring option if you like short turns and/or big turns (correct - that's everyone who likes to turn).

The BMT Series has developed a slew of new-age ski construction methods to help reduce weight while increasing all-mountain performance. The technologies developed by Volkl are all meant to help you ski farther, faster, and with more control. What a considerate aim from the Volkl engineers over in Bavaria, Germany. The Volkl BMT's construction starts with a Multi Layer Woodcore Light. This advanced core combines poplar wood throughout the ski with durable, hardwood beech in the middle of the ski for better binding retention. Volkl shapes the core into what they call 'Central Woodcore Ridge with superslim wings.' This sophisticated shape is a unique cross-sectional design that makes the ski's material more effective at handling the shear forces of skiing (like how an I-beam is shaped to handle shear most effectively). This means more torsional rigidity for less weight. The shaped core is then wrapped in a hefty cross weave of carbon fiber they call Full Carbon Jacket (I know, lots of badass proprietary names). The full sheet of carbon fiber gives the ski a longer lifespan, prolonged liveliness, and a maintained shape profile. To seal off this space-age snow-slider is Volkl's ICE.OFF top sheet. This top sheet is a unique material that will reduce the amount of ice and snow buildup on the top of the ski while touring. When counting grams for longer ski missions, this feature can contribute to huge weight savings. Fitting all of that into 1600 grams (176 cm length) now seems like a bargain deal.

So you have read up on this piece of engineering brilliance, aren't you psyched to get out there and put it to use? Thankfully speeding tickets aren't issued in the backcountry, because the BMT 109 would get you into some trouble.


Length [cm] (Turning Radius [m]): 166 (18.5), 176 (22.4), 186 (26.5)

Sidecut [mm]: 134-109-119

Weight [g]: 1590 g [176 cm]

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volkl BMT 109

Absolutely love the ski. I thought my Atomic Alibis were going to be my forever ski. They have been great for 7+ years of heavy use, but the Volkl is a joy to ski. So quick, light and playful but still grips and rails when necessary...So glad you had a pair in stock.