Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Beacon

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When you are looking for a beacon easy to use, but with powerful features reach for the Ortovox 3+. The Ortovox 3+ offers search and transmit capabilities that give you the best chance for a successful rescue.  Ortovox is the only company that uses its patented SMART-ANTENNA-TECHNOLOGY , meaning the 3+ automatically switches to the best transmission antenna making it easier to be found. Not only does the illuminated real-time display tell you the direction, distance, and number of buried victims but the search acoustics and tendency display make it intuitive to use when you need it most. Its state of the art 3-antenna beacon gives the greatest range and accuracy when trying to locate victims, and the flagging function allows the user to remove victims from the display once they have been located. Your 3+ is an investment in safety that will pay off for years to come as it can be updated with the latest Ortovox updates and with a single rechargeable battery- the environment will thank you too.


  • Digital receive function
  • 3 Antennas
  • Max. range / search strip width (im m): 40 / <40
  • Functional bag and hand loop
  • Up-Box update compatible
  • Microprocessor control
  • Automated switchover in case of a secondary avalanche
  • Display of all victims
  • Intuitive search acoustics
  • Visual support at fine search
  • Smart-Antenna-Technology
  • Permanent monitoring of the transmitter
  • Self-test
  • Flagging function
  • Display backlight
  • Recco Reflector Inside
  • Partner check
  • Batteries: 1AA Alkaline 1,5 V
  • Transmission capacity: 250h
  • Dimensions (in mm): 122 x 73 x 27
  • Weight (incl. battery and case): 210g

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