Salomon Soft Reservoir 1.6L Insulated

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Salomon's Soft Reservoir 1.6L Insulated is ready to keep you hydrated all year long. Use this system on your backcountry ski or snowshoe tours, winter races, and other cold weather adventures without fear of having your water freeze. This hydration bladder is designed with an insulated hose and reservoir for use in cold temperatures. The Salomon Soft Reservoir 1.6L Insulated is also functional in the summer month as the same insulation that keeps your water from freezing in the winter also keeps your water cool on those hot summer days! 

  • Volume - 1.6L
  • Weight -165g
  • Dimensions - 35 x 15cm
  • Freeze-proof cap
  • Soft, drip-free valve
  • Insulated hose & bladder