Spark R&D Ibex Pro Crampons

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Reach your full Mountain Goat potential with the Ibex Pro crampon. These babies are a full 22% lighter than the original Ibex crampons so they will pair nicely with your Pro bindings or help to keep down the weight on your Arc, Surge and Burton Hitchhiker's. Made from 7075 Aluminum to keep the weight down without sacrificing anything in terms of strength or durability. These are just as strong while being thinner than the standard Ibex. These goat paws will slice through the snow, with decreased drag, so you can be sure to get to the top of the peak with plenty left for the ride down.

Spark also threw in a little extra of the ingenuity they are known for and designed these bad boys to fit one inside the other making them way easier to pack away.

Customer Reviews

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Edward Ramirez
Expecting to Work

Hey there. Still waiting on a pair of bindings to come in, so I haven't used them. The service from Cripple Creek has been great so far though.

Daniel Artzer
Great so far - but need more field research to verify!

Wife and I took these to get through some tough spring melt freeze cycles. Took em out for a day and did relatively well on them, however we did get to a pretty steep and pretty frozen face we were trying to get up and struggled, but I don't think that's the crampons fault. Very light and easy to use.

Chris Smith

Spark R&D Ibex Pro Crampons