The biggest challenge with purchasing boots online always is trying to get the correct boot and size for your specific needs without actually trying them on. With our virtual boot fitting program, we can ensure you get the right boots the first time without the guesswork and hassle! To help us get a better understanding of the length and width of your feet, please follow the steps below to take a scaled photo of your feet. This allows us to utilize a computer program to optically measure your feet to the nearest mm and to match you with the perfect touring boots.

Step 1:

Stand against a wall with your feet shoulder-width apart (barefoot or wearing thin socks, no shoes!), heels touching the wall and toes pointing forward. Please ensure your feet are as straight as possible (perpendicular to the wall) and that there is no gap between your heels and the wall.

Step 2:

Place fresh, non-wrinkled sheet of A4 or US letter paper on the floor between your feet. This will act as a scale for the photo. Please ensure the paper is not wrinkled and is not touching the wall or either of your feet.

Step 3:

Take the picture! Please make sure the photo is in focus and not blurry to ensure we get an accurate measurement.

Step 4:

The last step is to email the photo to with your full name, appointment date/time, and whether you used A4 or US Letter paper included. Please send the full-sized image.