Gloves and Hats

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Black Diamond Soloist Gloves
CAMP G Comp Warm Gloves
From $59.97 $99.95
CAMP G Comp Wind Gloves
$49.99 $99.95
Camp G Hot Dry Gloves
From $69.95 $119.95
CAMP Hotmitt'n
Camp Tempest Mitt
CAMP Windmit'n
Dynafit Borax Primaloft Mittens
$48.95 $69.95
Dynafit Seraks Windstopper Gloves
$49.95 $89.95
Shreddawg Hat
Provide your digits with the warmth and comfort they deserve as you backcountry tour through puking snow and sideways-whipping wind. Be prepared for the worst, and carry a backup set!