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Cripple Creek Backcountry Ambassador Program

We are always looking for new content and great people to help grow the backcountry community. If you would like to reach out and find out how you can help fill out the form and we will reach out how you can get started. 

Tier 1

15% off in store purchases.  If you are sick athlete pushing the boundaries of the sport on light gear or ripping big lines in the mountain we respect what you do and want to hook you up on bro pricing for walk in sales to get you back out there with what you need faster. Unfortunately that is the max discounts for skiers that are fans of the shop and skiers that the shop is a fan of.

Tier 2

Contributor. Once we see some giving back to the shop or the community we can extend 30% off to these athletes and even better discounts on special preseason orders.  This involves social media tags, at least 4 per month and 3 or more bigger projects for the season. Bigger projects include writing a blog post or organizing an event.

Tier 3

The “sponsored athlete”. Up to 40-50% off gear, free handouts, and help tracking down the best of the best. This discount is extended to athletes that have consistently qualified for 6 months of Tier 2 pricing. We would like nothing more than to have great people in our community creating content and finding ways to grass roots market for us and will find every way to give back to them.

Switching between tiers

If an athlete buys $1000 worth of gear at level one for a price of $850 they can retroactively receive the discount of higher tiers in the form of store credit. This means if a few blog posts and tags were submitted bumping them up to level two. They would get a gift card for the $150 difference and receive tier 2 pricing discounts to go along with it.

After two months of radio silence an athlete will be reverted back to Tier 1 pricing.