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At Cripple Creek Backcountry we are dedicated to everything backcountry skiing.  Our passion is going to the backcountry and doing it fast & light. We are located in Carbondale, Colorado, deep in the heart of the Rockies surrounded by the terrain that keeps us inspired to do what we love. Founded in 2011 we are a new store with a new idea of how to do business; do what you love, do it on light gear and always try to have a cold beverage waiting at the end.

Give us a call or E-mail and you have a 100% chance of getting a hold of the owners Doug and Randy.

"There was a time years ago when I thought my days of skiing were over.  I was tired of being sandwiched between people and mansions on crowded overdeveloped runs, paying $100 for lift tickets. Then I discovered the endless terrain that lay just on the other side of the rope and my love for skiing was stronger than ever.  Although, I now understand the training ground that ski resorts provide, I use them for just that. I now spend 90% of my time on skis going up hill getting ready for my next ski mountaineering race or expedition."

- Cripple Creek Backcountry Co-Owner, Doug Stenclik

 "Skiing, to me has always been about the sense of adventure that it provides. Growing up in OH, I was lucky if I got to spend a handful of days each year on snow. The lure of family and friends back home is strong, but I'd never be able to live through a winter without snow. In the first year I moved to CO I went skinning and have tried to do it as much as possible since. I loved that it was incredibly challenging and even more rewarding. I loved the idea of being able to make turns all under my own power. As my skill, fitness and need for adventure increase I venture further away from the resorts and deeper into the backcountry. I am excited every time I get to suit up with skis and skins and even more stoked the moment I get to rip skins and ski down."

Cripple Creek Backcountry Co-Owner- Randy Young 



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