Splitboard climbing skins are strips of fabric (composed of synthetic nylon fiber / natural mohair fiber / or a combination of both) with a sticky underside, allowing the user to attach the skins to the base of a splitboard thereby creating traction and allowing the user to climb uphill to earn some turns. The skins are peeled off and stuffed in a jacket or backpack when descending.

There are several factors to consider when choosing climbing skins, such as material, length, and width. Regarding skin material, mohair is a natural, supple fiber that offers smooth and efficient glide on the skin track. Nylon fiber is synthetic and offers grip and durability. Skins are typically manufactured with a blend of both fibers (70% mohair, 30% nylon), as this offers the best overall glide to grip performance. 

Skins are constructed with sewn-in tip and tail attachments, which vary in design and style by manufacture, and these help secure the skin to the board. Tail attachments are typically adjustable so as to fit a range of board lengths. Choose the appropriate skin length range based on the length of your board. Regarding skin width, always go on the wider side, as it's advisable to choose a skin set based on the widest width dimension of your splitboard. You can always trim the skin to the ideal width using the supplied skin trim tool!