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Touring Skis

Kastle TX93 Alpine Touring Ski
$949.00 USD
DPS Pagoda Tour 100 RP Ski
$1,299.00 USD
Kastle TX103 Alpine Touring Ski
$949.00 USD
Kastle TX87 Alpine Touring Ski
$949.00 USD
Voile V6 Touring Ski
$695.00 USD
Atomic Backland 98 W Alpine Touring Ski (Closeout)
$599.95 USD $800.00 USD
DPS Pagoda Tour 106 C2 Ski
$1,299.00 USD
Salomon MTN EXPLORE 95
$699.00 USD $850.00 USD
Atomic Backland 85 UL Alpine Touring Ski
$799.99 USD $975.00 USD
Voile HyperVector BC Touring Skis
$795.00 USD
Voile W UltraVector Touring Skis
$695.00 USD
Voile UltraVector BC
$695.00 USD
Voile Hyper V6 Touring Ski
$795.00 USD
Voile UltraVector Touring Ski
$695.00 USD
Voile Objective BC Touring Ski
$695.00 USD
DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP
$1,299.00 USD

Alpine Touring Skis

Touring skis encompass a wide range of styles and sizes, from narrow and featherweight randonee race skis to the burly and broad freeride powder planks, and everything in between. When choosing the ideal touring ski, you should first have an understanding of where and how you intend to use your touring setup most often. If you're unsure what type of ski to look for, give us a call or start a chat with one of our experts!

Randonee Race / Fitness 65mm - 75mm underfoot
Ski Mountaineering / Speed Touring 75mm - 90mm underfoot
All-Mountain 90-105mm underfoot
Powder / Freeride 105mm underfoot +
Not sure what ski is right for you?
Check out our blog on how to choose the right ski touring setup to help narrow down the perfect ski for your needs.