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22 Designs Lynx Operating Guide

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 22 Designs Lynx User Manual


  • Press down on blue heel claw to lock it in place
  • Depress black toe lever to open toe pin wings
  • Place toe of boot against black boot stoppers and align boot tech fittings with pins - apply downward pressure with boot to engage pins
  • Make sure pins are secured in boot tech fittings
  • Pull black toe lever towards boot to lock toe pin wings in place

Ski mode:

  • If skis are left on during transition then simply pull up on blue heel claw and step down to engage heel claw
  • Depress black toe lever to intermediate position to unlock it from tour mode


  • Flex setting - Locate the Slic Pin on side of binding forefoot assembly, and using fingernail or small tool, press in wedge and push pin into binding and pull out the other side by rotating wedge downward and wiggling up and down. For most neutral flex, use furthest forward position (#1). For more stiff and active flex, use the furthest rear position (#3). 
  • Preload setting - to increase preload, add Power Spacer to end of cables, with option to add two Power Spacers per cable for Large Lynx bindings. If bindings have been mounted, remove Slic Pin, Spring Strap and Flex Plate. Pull back on the Claw and lift front of Main Plate out of Base. Slide Main plate forward so both springs are visible. Shift Cable to one side by pulling one end of Cable backward, and slide clear Spacer Cable forward. Install Power Spacer by pushing it onto the bare cable in front of the Top Hat, then slide back onto Top Hat. Repeat process on other end of cable if installing second Power Spacer (Large Lynx only). Replace Flex Plate, Pivot Strap and Slic Pin

Binding specifics: