• Close the flap over the rear pins
  • Open toe unit jaws by pressing down on toe lever
  • Align boot pin holes with front pins, step down
  • Toe automatically locks into touring mode
  • Raise the flap to expose the rear pins
  • Align boot pin holes with front pins, step down
  • Unlock toe piece by pressing down on toe lever
  • Step down to engage rear pins
  • Press down on toe lever with ski pole to exit binding
  • The PDG and LTR bindings are not adjustable. Add LTR/PDG Adjustment Plate for 30mm of boot sole length adjustability. 
  • Ensure it is mounted with a 4mm gap on the pins between the rear of the boot and the heel unit
  • It does not have a release value adjustment
Binding Specifics:
  • The auto locking race bindings are designed for skis-on top transitions and generally run locked. They do not have a guaranteed release in the locked position, only catastrophic
  • Examine plastic heel unit for cracks and wear periodically
  • Snow and ice buildup is possible under the toe springs if the bindings are open and skis are on a backpack after touring in wetter snow. Clear this area with ski pole tip and open and closing. Lock then unlock to check if binding is fully clamping the boot.
  • Leash can be girth hitched to hollow section of the front of the toe piece body and clipped to boot
  • We see breakages in the toe lever from abuse, be gentle locking and unlocking the toe piece