Step 1: Appointment booked     Success!

Our goal is to have your gear picked out BEFORE we meet. Let us do the work to source the gear from all of our stores so its in one place, staged and waiting for you to confirm fit and see how it works.


Step 2: Information   

We work with you to choose your perfect gear. We just need a little more information from you to get the process started. Just wait for a call and we will ask you the question to hone in on the pricing, equipment and service need for your next backcountry adventure. 

If you would like to skip the call, please fill out the form below!


Step 3: Customize your selection    


With the information gathered we will send you a draft of your perfect setup and can begin customizing it for you. To reserve the gear for your appointment we recommend paying for it here.

Don't worry! We offer free exchanges, returns and a fit guarantee with our appointments.

Paying upfront just guarantees the gear is there the day of your appointment, if you are still in the research phase it just takes a little longer to get all the gear in the same place.


Step 4: Your live appointment!

Whether virtual or in our store we will have the expert best suited for your gear and experience available that day. This is the perfect time to..

  • Learn how it works
  • Confirm fit
  • Exchange gear
  • Have bindings mounted, skins trimmed and boots custom fit

Or goal is by the time your appointment is over, to have you out the door with the perfect gear dialed to your exact needs.