The Wide World of Ski Touring Boots
A quiver of skis has long been a reality (and the dream) for any aspiring backcountry skier. With the rise of super light boots, and the replacement of alpine boots with great skiing touring boots, the quiver of boots has now become the norm. Boots have become so incredible and specialized that it has become all but impossible to have one boot that does everything at the highest level. Like we do for all of our gear, we have broken touring boots into four main categories- race and fitness, ski mountaineering, all mountain touring, and freeride touring. There are many great boots for each category so check out our comparison charts and our boot fitters advice at the bottom of each column to find the perfect boot for you.

Because of the huge amount of information in these charts we recommend viewing this on a desktop or horizontally if you are reading on your phone.
Ski Mountaineering Race Boots
The lightest boots for racing and pure uphill travel
Race boots are at the top of the pyramid for lightness in the ski touring world. These boots are made purely for traveling efficiently on snow. They are as light as a hiking boot but engineered to ski surprisingly well. They have clever tightening systems that replace standard buckles and a walk mode that has a range of motion which generally exceeds the human ankle. Although these boots are designed to put you at the top of the podium, they are incredibly fun for the fitness skinner or a skier looking to do big traverses in the backcountry. You can spend anywhere to well under $1000 to as much as $3000.
Price $849.00 $1,799.00 $870.00 $749.00 $899.99
Buckles 2 Buckles Boa Closure System 1 & Boa 2 CavoBike Lever Pro 1 Buckle with Strap
Cuff Articulation 62 degrees 58 degree 72 75 degrees 80
Forward Lean 15 9-13 degree 7-13 degrees 14, 16, 18, 20 degree 13, 15
Last Width 101mm 99mm 99mm 100.4mm 98mm
Manufactuer Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years
Material Grilamid, Fiberglass Polyamide & Carbon Carbon infused Grilamid Carbon Reinforced Polymer Grilamid w/ Memory Fit, Carbon spine
Weight 830g(27) 700g(27.7) 890g (27) 850g(27.5) 750g (27.5)
Boot Fitter Advice Narrower forefoot, wider at ankles. The PDG is at the intro price point, but is a fully competitive race boot that will ski a bit more forgiving than a carbon cuff. Simple, strong and durable. Narrow in forefoot and built for performance the Alien 1.0 remains a the most competitive high end boot for the money! The carbon cuff adds stiffness but the plastic lower keeps its durable.   Fits slightly more snug than most Scarpa and is automatically downsizing. It has the highest cuff out of the race boots and can ski as aggressively as the Alien 1.0 but more forgiving.  The Sytron and the womens Sytron are reworked versions of the Syborg. They borrow the walk to ski mode and overall design of La Sportiva's $3000 boot at a fraction of the price.  Breaking the 800 gram barrier for a boot with that is just a fraction of the price of other in its weight class. Innovative cuff design provides power even though it will not come as high as other boots. 
Flex 100 90 95 100 N/A
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Ski Mountaineering Touring Boots
For big long days in the peaks where efficiency and performance is key.
From the competitive side of skimo racing, these boots take a big step up in performance and a slight step up in weight. These ski mountaineering boots are Cripple Creek Backcountry's favorite niche. They are great boots for long ski touring, resort fitness, big peaks and even the occasional race. We try not measure the buckles anymore, but they will usually have a cuff buckle and lower minimalistic tightening system and more range of motion than you will know what to with. Most commonly they are under 1200 grams per boot and there is a battle to build that great skiing boot under 1 kilo. Most importantly these boots can be the daily driver for a ski tourer in all but the worst conditions and for all but the most aggressive skiers.

Boots like the Dynafit TLT7, Salomon X Alp, and Atomic Backland will all have different models in the same design. Unlike in the freeride touring boots where you are paying more for downhill performance, for these boots you are paying more for less. The boots get lighter, stiffer and of course more expensive as they use more carbon fibre. We chose a random sampling of boots within a product line to ensure that we cover one from each manufacturer.
Price $519.95 $899.00 $899.99 $699.00 $599.95
Binding Compatibility Tech, AT Tech Tech, AT Tech, AT TR2 Tech
Buckles 2 + 30mm Power Strap 2 Buckles + Power Strap 2 Buckle with Power strap Vertebra Technology + Pegasus Buckle 2 Buckle with Power Strap
Cuff Articulation 74 degrees 60 degrees 75 degrees (35 lateral) 68 degrees 60 degrees
Forward Lean 13, 15 degrees 15, 18 degrees 14 degrees 12,14,16 degrees 15, 18 degrees
Last Width 98mm 100mm 98mm 102mm 101mm
Material Carbon Spine, Carbon Reinforced Grilamid Shell Carbon Fiber & Pebax Grilamid, Carbon PA12 Polyamide Grilamid
Weight 1161g (27) 1210g(27.5) 1150g (27.5) 1150(27.5) 1190g (27.5)
Boot Fitter Advice This boot gives you a lot of flexibility because the entire shell is moldable. If heat molding entire shell its a good idea to move down one full size. Thinner, Lighterweight liner than Expedition, but not quite as stiff as the Carbonio. One buckle throw controls the entire boot and the boot fits wider than any TLTs before it. The same design as the Arcteryx Procline boot, without the heavy rubber rand for climbing. A true ski touring boot with the added lateral cuff articulation. This boot fits the widest feet well if you add a boot board to lift foot to widest part of boot. Upgrade to Spitfire to a boot with a carbon cuff and more performance. Reviving the design for the TLT5 and 6 it is an incredible price for lightweight touring. Comfortable and easy to use, but will lack some downhill performance.
Flex 100 120 100 90 N/A
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All Mountain Touring Boots
A boot for nearly any ski and for all terrain
These boots are your daily driver for almost any condition. They will be heavier than the ski mountaineering boots, but will push much bigger skis and give you a bigger sweet spot while flexing the boot in variable conditions. They lack the extreme stiffness of a freeride touring boot, but ski great even at the resort. Although they are not the lightest boots, they do offer a boost in the skin track with wider ranges of motion and designs with the ski tour in mind. If having multiple boots for the sport is a bit daunting pick one of these. Great for a skier that wants to use their touring setup in bounds as well as in the backcountry.
Price $679.00 $699.99 $699.99 $699.00 $695.00
Binding Compatibility Tech, AT, TR2 Tech, AT, Alpine Tech, AT Tech, AT Tech, AT, Alpine Bindings w/ Adjutable Toe Height
Buckles 4 Pegasus Buckles 2 Buckle with Power strap 4 Buckle with Power Strap 2 Power Staps & Boa 3 Buckle with Power Strap
Cuff Articulation 60 degrees 63 degrees 54 degrees 62 60
Flex 125 100 120 95 110
Forward Lean 12,14,16 degrees 13.5 degrees 15, 17 degrees 20, 22 degrees 14, 18 degrees
Last Width 102.5mm 98mm 98mm 102mm 101mm
Material Pebax Grilamid lower, PolyPropylene Upper Grilamid/ Polyurethane Polyamide & Carbon Core, HPA, Peebax Grilamid, Peebax
Weight 1445g(27.5) 1462g(27.5) 1460g (26.5) 1230g (27) 1400g (27
Boot Fitter Advice Low Volume across instep almost always needs to be stretched where the cuff and lower come together. This is fixed easily by heating and expanding. Although it is listed as 98 it feels wider and it does a good job accommodating the average foot. Top buckle needs to be all the way loose in tour mode. A fully alpine skiing inspired touring boot that is surprisingly light with a great walk mode. The boot fits narrow but the shell can be molded for a great fit. This boot skis too well to put it down with the other ski mountaineering boots. Maybe not quite as stiff as a Maestrale, but can certainly push a light ski over 100mm underfoot. Finally updated after 7 years of touring dominance. The 2.0 is a bit stiffer and has a better touring mode and more durable buckle features.
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Freeride Touring Boots
Hard charging boots for the biggest skis and most aggressive riders.
Freeride touring boots are built for skiers that mean business. High speeds and big landings are within the capabilities of this group. They have the highest cuffs, use the stiffest materials, and the burliest designs. Often times they gain the performance with sacrifice of a heavier weight to haul up hill, but these boots are dropping grams every year and keeping their toughness. If you are in the market for a new alpine boot for resort skiing one of these boots will do the trick and still skin great for the occasional tour.
Price $829.00 $799.99 $799.99 $899.95 $795.00
Binding Compatibility Tech, AT, Alpine Tech, AT Tech, AT, Alpine Tech, AT Tech, AT, Alpine Bindings w/ Adjutable Toe Height
Buckles 4 Buckle with Power Strap 4 Buckle with Power Strap 2 Buckle with Power strap 4 with magnetic catch plates 3 Buckle with Power Strap
Cuff Articulation 25 54 degrees 41 degrees 45 degree 60
Flex 130 130 120 120 130
Forward Lean 13, 21 degrees 15, 17 degrees 13.5 degrees 16 degrees 14, 18 degrees
Last Width 101mm 98mm 98mm 102mm 101mm
Material Pebax Rnew + Carbon, Polyamide Grilamid Alpine Pebax, Carbon Spine Carbon Fiber & Pebax Grilamid & Carbon Core, Grilamid, Peebax
Weight 1985g 1420g (26.5) 1551g(27) 1530g (27.5) 1410g (27)
Boot Fitter Advice Stiffest boot in the entire Scarpa line. Has full interchangeable sole blocks to go in any alpine binding and still has a great range of motion in tour mode. A high performance alpine style boot at a fraction of the weight from its competitors. Full buckled and overlap design with an incredible 54 degrees of articulation. Fit feels wider than last indicates and skis stiffer than the MTN Explore. 2 buckles and a cam style power strap keep the boot skiing strong with less mess. Made with the ski tourer in mind but stiff enough for the most aggressive skiing. Innovative buckled design and revamped walk mode from the previous Khion Boot The only tongue style touring boot stiff enough to jump up into the freeride class. The same design and mold as the Maestrale with beefier materials for bigger skis. 
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