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Salomon MTN / Atomic Backland Operating Guide

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  • Rotate pins sideways
  • If brakes are installed, flip the lever from SKI forward to WALK to lock brakes up
  • Open toe unit jaws by pressing down on toe lever
  • Bump the front of your boot to the silver alignment bar and press down to engage the front pins
  • Lock the toe by pulling up on the toe lever all the way up through ratcheting clicks 
  • Flip two heel risers forward as need for added climbing height


  • Rotate heel unit so that rear pins face forward
  • If brakes are installed, flip lever from WALK back to SKI to drop brakes
  • Bump the front of your boot to the silver alignment bar and press down to engage the front pins
  • Step down to engage rear pins
  • Press down on toe lever with ski pole to exit binding


  • Boot sole adjustment of 3cm, use Philips posi #3 bit in lowest rear screw
  • Ensure it is adjusted with a 4mm gap on the pins between the rear of the boot and the heel unit
  • Release is adjustable only by changing between the Women, Men and Expert springs. Remove the allen screw in the top of the heel unit. Gently bump the springs off and on using wooden/rubber mallet. Replace allen screw.

Binding Specifics:

  • Heel unit can be run with pins forward for faster transitions. This limits you to medium and high riser heights.
  • Snow and ice buildup is possible under the toe springs if the bindings are open and skis are on a backpack after touring in wetter snow. Clear this area with ski pole tip and open and closing. Lock then unlock to check if binding is fully clamping the boot.
  • Be sure to purchase brake widths tight to the ski. Large brake in this binding can be dropped down by bumping them while skinning.
  • Small plastic clip allows Dynafit ski crampons to be used. Plum  crampons work without clip