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Dynafit TLT Expedition Binding Operating Guide

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  • Close the flap over the rear pins
  • Open toe unit jaws by pressing down on toe lever
  • Bump the front of your boot to the alignment towers and press down to engage the front pins
  • Lock the toe by pulling up on the toe lever all the way up through ratcheting clicks 


  • Raise the flap to expose the rear pins
  • Bump the front of your boot to the step in aid towers and press down to engage the front pins
  • Step down to engage rear pins
  • Press down on toe lever with ski pole to exit binding


  • The Expedition is a non adjustable binding
  • Ensure it is mounted with a 4mm gap on the pins between the rear of the boot and the heel unit
  • It does not have a release value adjustment

Binding Specifics:

  • The TLT Expedition is one of the only non-releasable bindings on the market. This is specifically for expert users in technical mountaineering terrain. Will not laterally release to prevent injury in the case of a ski fall.
  • Snow and ice buildup is possible under the toe springs if the bindings are open and skis are on a backpack after touring in wetter snow. Clear this area with ski pole tip and open and closing. Lock then unlock to check if binding is fully clamping the boot.
  • Leash can either be girth hitched to the cable loop on the lever and clipped to boot or vise versa