Tecnica Cochise Pro W Dyn Alpine Touring Boot

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Why We Like the Tecnica Cochise Pro W Dyn Alpine Touring Boot

The all new Tecnica Cochise Pro W Dyn AT boot is new and its hotter than Beyonce. Okay maaaaybe that's pushing it but this boot sure is a scorcher.

A lot has changed in ski boot technology since the last time Tecnica revamped the Cochise. Ladies these days seem to own at least 1 hybrid binding with tech inserts, and the Cochise Pro W remains the industry standard in being a 50/50 boot. It's the boot that captures everything about uphill and downhill skiing, simultaneously. A true mercurial boot that dresses to any occasion.

The Cochise Pro W is the stiffest boot in the ladies Cochise family, and sports a tested four buckle design and featuring two types of plastic in the boot lower and the cuff. By using Polypropylene (a super temperate stable plastic) in the cuff, the Cochise has a familiar flex whether its 0 degress or 50 degrees- a subtle but well thought out design feature. Using asymmetric plastic thickness in the cuff means that power transfer to the inside ski edges is improved from older boot designs. The little things are never forgotten with Tecnica, as realized that getting into and out of boots can be tough- so with "Quick Instep" feature (Different plastic above the instep), it's easier to get the boot on and off. No performance sacrificed, just user experience improved.

The C.A.S (Custom Adaptive Shape) Liner is an important feature in this boot as it's comfortable and powerful at the same time. This liner is a up in comfort and customizability from the Zero G W liner, and while heavier, the pros outweigh the cons here. Comfort is worth the weight. Tecnica didn't forget people are ski touring in this liner though, as it still contains a flexible area on the achilles to aid in your natural stride.

New for 2022 is the "T-Ride" walk mechanism which is dramatically different than older models and is unique to every boot on the market. Previously an internal mechanism, Tecnica designed a simpler and more powerful design to provide ease of use on the uphill and reliable power transfer on the downhill. When we say reliable, we mean it- you can actually "lock" the T-Ride into ski mode, preventing play and pre-release- 2 issues that haunt a many freeride touring boots. Ladies- your new boot is here and she's gorgeous in function and classic to look at!

  • Perfect boot to maximize grace and power for every mission
  • Stiffer flex of 120 frees you to ski as aggressive as desired.
  • Medium last of 99mm gives a close-contact performance fit.
  • 42 degree range of motion with the S.A.S. (Self Adjusting System) allows you to stay comfortable on the ascent and when tracking long mileage.
  • C.A.S. Shell and Liner are anatomically shaped for maximum comfort and performance with ample room to customize in key areas.
  • Grip Walk sole offers stability and traction when booting and transitioning.

Customer Reviews

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Julie K.
I LOVE my Cochise - wish I would have gotten them sooner, better late than never!

Nick Penzel was my sales person - Nick could NOT have been more helpful and patient. He steered me in the most appropriate direction, so grateful for Nick for his stoke and humble knowledge.