Women's Only Avalanche Forum Carbondale & Vail

Carbondale Womens' ONLY Avalanche Forum
Date: January 18th
Time: 6pm

Vail Womens' ONLY Avalanche Forum
Date: February 1st 
Time: 6:30pm

Cripple Creek Backcountry will host an hour long avalanche seminar at both our Carbondale & Vail locations covering backcountry basics, followed by an informative Q&A. Ladies night will allow attendees to ask questions without the pressure of being a beginner. 


Kelli Rohrig, AIARE Instructor & Vail local, will address several subjects educating the audience on avalanches, sides to look out for and most importantly how to stay safe. Kelli will talk about this years snowpack, necessary tools everyone should carry and how to stay safe on the most avalanche prone days.

Whether you are a backcountry veteran or interested in venturing beyond the resort walls for the first time this event is designed for all goers. Education is key to staying safe out there and refreshing on training, procedures and discussion is something every avalanche professional does. Invite your lady friends, get here early to reserve a seat/ fresh beer and enjoy as Kelli informs everyone on playing safe in Colorado's backcountry.



January 11, 2018 — Accumula Collaborator
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