Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 V2 Climbing Skin

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The Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 V2 Climbing Skins are made specifically for freeride skiers (but don't let that limit how you use these high-performance skins). They're the lightest of the Pomoca mohair/nylon mix skins (weighing in at 1.125 g/cm2) due to their thinner than usual plush. This helps save weight for larger-than-average freeride skis while touring uphill. The 70% mohair / 30% nylon plush provides a sweet balance between grip (46g/cm2) and glide (200 kcal/h). In comparison: these skins have a better grip than the Climb 2.0 and a better glide than the Climb Pro S-Glide

This is the highest performing mohair/nylon skin from Pomoca, which comes at the price of being slightly less durable (due to its thin plush). And even better is the fact that for 20/21, this skin has the updated [and more robust] V2 tip and tail attachment hardware. If you're looking for the absolute zenith in climbing skin performance - go with the Free Pro 2.0. They are light on your feet, fast on the skin track, and loud with their hot pink plush.

Customer Reviews

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Derek C.
Cut to Line Sakana Swallow Tail

The tailpiece works well on the Line Sakana swallow tail. 174cm, 150-106-138. Love the glue, easy to separate from each other.

Mark M.
Pomoca Does It Again

I've tried G3, I've tried Black Diamond, I've tried Ascension. No one compares to Pomoca for climbing, gliding, and most important, there is no adhesive live Pomoca's.

Even Pomoca's cutting tool is superior to all others. It still requires skill but it is the best.

Pat D.
Cripple Creek is Great!

The Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 V2 Climbing skins are awesome! Love them.

James N.
Skins great, trimming tool not

Had a rough time getting the skins trimmed with the tool provided through Pomoca, one with each razor went well but the second was super rough and jagged and I'm a little bummed about it. The skins themselves are solid.

Daniel S.
Great skin

Light, good grip, just the right amount of stick!

Geoff M.

Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 V2 Climbing Skin

pink but not as pink

not as hot pink as they look. more purple pink but the match my daughters nodica santa anna's perfect

fast delivery,it beat the snow for sure

they are pretty but until it snows a ton i won't be able to give a proper review but shipping was super fast

mario v.
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highest performing skin on the market

The Free Pros are the Tesla of the backcountry climbing skin world. They're efficient, fast, and sleek. They're the lightest mohair-mix skin on the market (measured in g/cm^2), with better grip than the yellow pomocas and better glide than the blue pomocas. What more can you ask for?? Sure they are thin and don't last as long, but if you're looking for the ultimate in climbing skin performance, the Free Pro is what you need/want. And the updated V2 hardware lasts longer than the former Pomoca tip and tail attachments. These hot pink skins are so hot right now (Zoolander?).