ATK Freeraider 14 Alpine Touring Binding

$749.99 USD

The ATK Freeraider 14 Alpine Touring Binding is the quintessential Free Touring (Freeride+Ski Touring) binding. It's lightweight, extremely robust, and delivers the a wicked high level of downhill performance. If you want to push the limits of downhill skiing (launching big cliffs, arching huge turns, and skiing at mach speeds), the FR14 is calling your name. The binding weights a reasonable 360 grams per unit and carries with it the following functionality:

  • The Freeride Spacer is a support plate on the heel piece that facilitates power transmission to the ski while alleviating weight from the heel piece tech inserts. This improves the release value consistency while also adding torsional stiffness to the boot/binding/ski interface. This added design feature is what separates the FR14 from other freeride bindings in both performance and safety.
  • The U.H.V (Uphill Hardness Variator) is a system that allows you to change the locking hardness in the toe piece for uphill travel. This allows the toe piece to accommodate varying levels of worn toe inserts while reducing pressure on the toe springs.
  • The adjustable release value ranges from 8-14 in both the vertical and lateral directions.
  • The adjustable heel piece has a travel of 25 mm, allowing for different boots to fit into the same mounted binding.
  • The elastic heel unit and ski brake ensure consistent release values in both the vertical and lateral directions.
  • The rear-mounted ski brake holds your ski in place while clicking in.
  • The Magneto Heel Flaps provide a total of FIVE riser heights. That's right. Five unique riser options. The most riser height options in the game.

Strap into a pair of Freeraider 14's and turn the volume up to 11. These freeride touring bindings are a vehicle for fast and furious downhill AND uphill travel.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Poleto
One of the best

Extremely please with this binding for a variety of reasons, but the big new feature is the heel height adjustment. In the shop we're able to adjust the height of the heel plate dependent on your boot, which essentially lets the boot rest on its heel- not the pins. By doing so, this enables VERY good power transmission from you through the binding and into the ski. If you're an aggressive skier or a former ski racer, this is something you will 100% be able to feel. The fully aluminum toe is durable and easy to use. Overall, at this weight, the performance and durability has very few competitors in it's class. A+ design!

Amos Whiting

Overall I love these bindings. I put them on huge skis so I have only had three days on them so far.

My only concern is that literally the first time I toured with them , I used my pile handle to pull the toe piece up to tour mode. On one of the levers I popped the little black piece out. Making it difficult to push the lever down Witt the tip of my pole.

I was able to put it back in later when I did not have gloves on in deep pow