ATK Raider 12 Alpine Touring Binding

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  • Rear-mounted ski brake to hold your ski in place while clicking in
  • Elastic travel in the heel to ensure a consistent vertical release value with the natural flex of the ski
  • Elastic ski brake plate to ensure a constant lateral release value (this component works to help lateral release just as the elastic travel in the heel works to help vertical release)
  • Magneto Heel Flaps to provide a total of FIVE riser heights. That's right. The most riser height options in the game.
  • 25mm adjustment plate to accommodate different touring boots into the same binding.
  • Built-in ski crampon receptors to accept a ski crampon for icy skin tracks and predawn frozen ascents
  • A heel piece with an adjustable vertical and horizontal release value ranging from 5-12
  • Description

    A free-touring and all-mountain jewel, the ATK Raider 12 Alpine Touring Binding offers uncompromising performance at an unparalleled weight. Combining 4 different productive technologies and 6 ATK binding patents, these bindings come fully loaded and ready to fire on any mission. At 335 grams, the machined aluminum construction give these bindings the next level of durability, with user-friendly features making transitions a breeze for both the novice and experienced ski tourer.

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    Why We Like the ATK Raider 12 Alpine Touring Binding

    Giving due credit to the expert Italian craftsmanship behind the ATK Raider series, the multi-functionality packed into these svelte bindings are truly impressive in both their design and performance. Weighing 335 grams including the easy-to-maneuver rear brake, the Raider 12 is made of full machined aluminum for a durability to match the most aggressive skiing. A fully adjustable Freeride spacer is available as an accessory, upping the freeride performance on these bindings for maximum power transmission.

    Going backstage for a minute, let's dive a bit into the systems and technology behind the stoke. The Easy Entry System allows you to step in with ease even with worn out soles and not experience as much of the awkward fumbling with the toe piece. The Snow Pack Proof System helps keep the snow from building up in the toe piece to enable smooth transitions. The U.H.V. (Uphill Hardness Variator) enhances retention on the skin track, whether you are on a steep incline or sidehilling an icy slope. Compensating for wear and tear of the pins, this reduces pressure on the locking mechanism and is customized for the individual user. The CAM RELEASE SYSTEM gives one of the strongest downhill performance in the touring world due to its extremely precise release and effortless heel step in. 

    The Elastic Response System is utilized in the heel portion of the Raider 12 and provides 12 mm of elasticity to adjust to the natural ski flex during higher impact motions like jumps and compressions. This reduces the pressure on the boot-to-binding system and gives you a smoother downhill experience. Magnetized heel flaps provide five different walking modes, so you can stress your muscles less on the varying pitches of your climb and do it with ease. A built-in crampon slot easily accepts any size of ATK Binding crampons, a 25mm adjustment plate accomodates a range of similar boot sizes, and a 5-12 adjustable release system ensures security for varying types of skiers and styles.

    The beauty of the Raider 12 is how it perfectly balances power and performance with lightweight functionality and superior durability. Coming in three different color ways with a range of brake widths available, this binding has something to offer every type of skier in providing a rich experience for both the ascent and descent of every mission.

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