Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight

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A couple grams may not seem like a lot when compare one Camalot to another, but when you add up that whole rack on your waist, the difference is beyond noticeable. countless times I can remember carrying a full rack up a multi-pitch and having that rack pulling me down. The Camalot Ultralight has significantly improved how I see big bad trad. With 25% less weight compared to the Camalot original, but with the same protection and rating you trust. As a bonus the Nylon runner from the Camalot has been replaced with a dyneema cord runner for that extra weight reduction. The Camalot Ultralight is easily your new favorite go to protection. 

Size  Weight  Strength Range
61 g (2.15.oz)
8 kN (1798 lbf)
15.5-26.7 mm (0.61-1.05 in)
74 g (2.61 oz)
10 kN, 2248 lbf 
19.6-33.5 mm (0.77-1.32 in) 
89 g (3.14 oz)
12 kN, 2698 lbf 
23.9-41.2 mm (0.94-1.62 in) 
101 g (3.56 oz)
12 kN, 2698 lbf 
30.2-52.1 mm (1.19-2.05 in)
126 g (4.44 oz)
12 kN, 2698 lbf 
37.2-64.9 mm (1.46-2.55 in)
167 g (5.89 oz)
12 kN, 2698 lbf 
50.7-87.9 mm (2.00-3.46 in)
225 g (7.94 oz)
12 kN, 2698 lbf 
66.0-114.7 mm (2.60-4.51 in)

Customer Reviews

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Save weight with these cams so you can bring an extra sandwich

These cams are significantly lighter than the standard issue BD C4 series. If you are interested in alpine climbing or multipitch trad climbing, I would strongly consider investing in a single (or double?!) rack of these bad boys. They save you energy on the approach, allow you to climb faster, and free up extra weight on your harness so you can either bring extra snacks or send harder (you decide). They function the same as a traditional C4: sturdy trigger action, reliable cam shape, trustworthy. Having the mental confidence boost from a well placed cam and knowing that you're featherweight with these racked on also is a huge boost in morale/performance. Enough said: get these if you want to spend longer days in the mountains.