Folkrm Wyeast Ski Pole

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The Folkrm Wyeast Ski Poles feature a biodegradable extended EVA ergonomic grip to accommodate quick pole length adjustments to adapt to the current terrain you are in.

Simply adjust your hand position on the pole to lengthen or shorten it for on the go pole length adjustment.


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Customer Reviews

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Lauren R.
Great for back country

Great for back country skiing & also for resort skiing. Used then for both and was very impressed. Would highly recommend.

Ask a Question: Does anyone know if the straps can easily be threaded back into the pole after removing them?
4.5 / 5 stars: This might be the ski touring pole you've been looking for

The extended grip and longer-than-normal length on these poles is quite helpful on steep slopes (whether you're going up or down) and flat stretches where you're pushing on your poles cross-country style. These poles are lightweight, well-made, sturdy, and I also love the powder baskets. I've noticed that I prefer using fingered gloves with these, as opposed to mittens – it's harder to grip the 'finger-grip' pattern of these with mittens. Also, they take a little time to get used to while skiing downhill because of the added weight moving around above your hand. I suspect this adjustment period might be mostly eliminated by removing the straps, as the straps could be the main reason for the sensation of added weight above your hand. I am probably going to remove the straps (I only ever use straps to rescue a dropped pole, I never ski with my hands in 'em), but I'm concerned that the removal might not be reversible, it's hard to tell without trying. I think I might email Folkrm to ask about that. *** Anyways, overall I am glad I got these! They are really great for ski touring and uphill travel due to the added height and adjustable grip. I may still prefer my traditional downhill ski poles on resort days, time will tell after I try removing the straps on these.

Chuck H.
Great Daily Driver

These are light and i like the flat nature of the grip. I do wish the angle of the top was a bit sharper to be used in icy or colder situations to pull up walk mode or flip risers on bindings. Its a bit smooth and often doesn't get the job done. The material of the grip can be prone to freezing as well so setting these poles down or making frequent contact between the grip and the snow can gum up the grips with ice. Overall they have become my go to touring pole for mid to advanced level tours. I don't know if I would use them on highly specialized operations.

Jonah O.
the perfect pole?

Love them. Light, simple, and super versatile. The balance is perfect.

Isaiah T.
Great poles

Great poles no more fiddling with adjustable ones

Marcus H.
Perfect pole

Love the poles. Light and strong with a full touring grip. Wish they did em I a 140…..

Betsy S.
LOVE this pole

As usual, the CCB team did not steer me wrong with this pick! I was told by a guide from the Colorado Mountain School it was the first time he had seen the Folkrm pole in Colorado outside of his own hands. That's how I knew it was a good pole to have! It's so nice to have variety in the height of the grip to make this pole comfortable for you on all types of terrain. I know I will use it for a long time.