Phantom Permanent Waxless Glide

$139.99 USD $179.99

The Phantom base treatment is a new polymer technology that means one treatment will work for the duration of the ski or snowboard. It represents the future of snow sports and we believe that it is most revolutionary for the ski tourer. Many people don't know that for wax to work on your bases it must be applied every few days. But even if the best technician is taking care of your bases, what happens when you put a sticky glue skin over that wax and then head uphill for a couple hours? It is undeniable that the skin steals some wax from the base, not only drying them out, but coating the glue of your skin in wax.

We have been testing this product for months and it really works. Buy the Phantom wax an apply it once and never have to wax again. Buy a retail kit for the Brave DIY or bring it into one of our locations and we will do it for you. Buy a new skis from us online and save $40 on the application.

Customer Reviews

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John B.
Phantom Waxless Glide Treatment

The guys at the shop were super friendly and knowledgeable. I brought my skis into the shop to have the Phantom Permanent Waxless Glide professionally applied to them. The skis we ready on time – dropped them of in the afternoon and were ready when the shop opened the next morning! Would definitely recommend Cripple Creek Backcounty for all your skiing needs!

Shawn F.
Phantom Base Treatment

Again, the staff did not disappointment me! Before and after the base treatment was applied to my skis, the staff took the time to educate me on function of the application and what to expect when skiing on them the 1st couple of times after application. Many thanks to the entire staff at the Avon store!

Max T.
Big fan of Phantom treatment.

It’s a game changer to always have fast skis and makes every tour more enjoyable,

Maja K.

New set up is awesome! You guys rock!

Mone A.
Service and Knowledge

These guys are all about customer service coupled with professional knowledge. Why go anywhere else…Uphilling is their thing!

Ken S.
Phantom 3.0 Base

This is my 3rd pair of skis with Phantom, it's the only way to go. Cripple Creek applied to my new skis (DPS) professionally, and I'll never have to wax again. My other skis that were treated glide great. It's a brilliant product, and as a bonus, does not leach chemicals into the snow or expose me to fumes from waxing. I'll never own skis without Phantom.

Seems good

Two days on the skis with Phantom installed. It is slick in powder and hard wind crust - which is all I've skied so far with these skis. I'm going to get my other skis done too. We'll see how it works in spring, though.