Pomoca Climb 2.0 Split V2 Climbing Skin

$219.95 USD

The Pomoca Climb 2.0 Split V2 Climbing Skin is our go-to climbing skin for splitboarders who want the perfect blend of grip, glide, packability, and durability. The V2 splitboard hardware is designed to securely hold your skins on the widest range of board shapes on the market. With Pomoca's updated 70% mohair / 30% nylon plush you'll effortless glide up the skin track season after season. The Pomoca Climb 2.0 Split V2 Climbing Skin sports a 235 kcal/h glide metric and 46 g/cm2 of grip giving you great glide on long, flat approaches while still providing enough grip to summit steep and icy skin tracks. Weighing in at only 1.15 g/cm2 and offering great packability, you'll love this skin on your board and you won't notice it in your pack. If you're looking for the industry standard for grip, glide, packability, and durability, the Pomoca Climb 2.0 Split V2 Climbing Skin is the perfect skin for your splitboard. 

  • Weight:   1.15 g/cm2
  • Grip: 46 g/cm2
  • Glide:   235 kcal/h
  • *If your board is on the edge of the size range we recommend sizing down*

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Dorr

Pomoca Climb 2.0 Split V2 Climbing Skin (145mm)

Ask a Question: skins have been good but are shedding all over themselves onto the glue side. I dont know if this is a skin problem or a trim problem (which I paid for in store). I toured on them 4 times now, attempted to tweezer the shedded threads off each time, but it doesn’t seem to be getting better.

see question. can’t fine an email on your website..

Chet McKinnon
Would Recommend

Have taken these out a few times since purchasing. Glue is much better than the G3 skins I’m transitioning from and grip has held true even on steeper, icy slopes. Trimming the skins was easy with the tool included in the purchase. Adjusting the tail clip is as well but the straps do move some throughout a full day of touring due to the “friction fit” design. All in all I’m satisfied.

Derek Brocca
Pomoca skins

They’re good. Need another set same length in pink

Nice skins but didn't fit the 149 as advertized.

Bought these for my wife's Weston 149 Seeker. They're supposed to fit a 149 but they were too long. Couldn't tighten down enough. Surprised since these are the skins Weston sells on their website presumably to accompany the board we're using them on. Had to rip the stitches on the tail attachment and resew (not a skillset I previously possessed). So far so good, though I expect my stitches will fall out before too long. The nose and tail attachments are a good shape for the board though.

JD Powers
Great grip

Really nice grip on these skins and the glue is the perfect stickiness for keeping them in place and still being able to separate them from the board/ski or from each other. They do build up a little snow under the front on the tip but that's probably typical and it's only a couple of inches so doesn't affect performance. The trimming tool is a little hard to use. Also got some G3 skins recently and the trimmer is much better.