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Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 Split V2 Climbing Skin

The Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 Split V2 Climbing Skins comes with the new and improved V2 Splitboard tip and tail attachment system. These bad boys are the highest performing Pomoca Splitboard skins - combining the ultra-glide technology of the Glide Pro plush treatment (the same treatment as the Race series) with a short and durable mohair/nylon plush (this plush grips better than the Climb 2.0). They're the lightest of the Pomoca mohair/nylon mix skins (weighing in at 1.125 g/cm2) due to the shorter than usual plush. And the 70% mohair / 30% nylon mix provides a sweet balance between grip (46g/cm2) and glide (200 kcal/h). Overall, if you want the best split skin on the market - the Free Pro 2.0 Split skins are what you're looking for.

Such high performance on multiple fronts (grip, glide, and weight) comes at the price of being slightly less durable than other Pomoca models. If you prioritize performance and weight-savings above durability and price - the Free Pro 2.0 Split skins are for you.

With the splitboard market exploding, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the right board for your needs. Work with an experienced splitbaorder to get your setup dialed from the comfort of your home!


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sam Brownlee
Light and fast, but...

These skins are Ferrari’s compared to most splitboard skins. Super light, thin, and glide very well. If you are looking for speed, these are it. What this skin lacks is durability. Because they are so thin they are susceptible to tears on sharp rocks and sticks. I’m the guy who doesn’t like taking his skis off to navigate thin areas, and payed for it with a couple big gashes. Was able to repair with needle and thread, but definitely lost some performance. Overall a very good skin, but just know what you are getting into.

Clifton R.
Nice skins

So these are my first skins, I have nothing to compare them to. However, they seem very nice, grip is better than expected, same with glide. I've used them in some wet conditions and glopping wasn't an issue. The tip and tail attachment seem pretty bomber, made of thick plastic and metal and stitched to the skins. It's also nice that they're a bright pink. This way if you fall everyone can see what happened and can draw attention to it (to check on your well being of course, definitely not to make fun of you)

I have the "medium" size and have them on a 163W board. Fit is good, length is right on I think another reviewer here got shipped the wrong size by mistake. A little narrow at the tip and tail (about 1/4") but had to trim the waist, so that's perfect. Provided cutting tool works very well. I stripped the plastic and stuck them to the board. the little plastic guide piece on the cutter doesn't get stuck in the glue

Zachary Winters
Fantastic, but with flaws

These skins have fantastic glue and the plush is great in terms of grip and glide. They're also nice and thin, lightweight and packable.
Unfortunately there are two major issues.

1) The advertised skin length is wrong. I ordered the "158-168cm" size for my 163cm splitboard, which should be right in the center of the range. The skins are too long, though usable, with the tail clip maxed out on the shortest setting. Not recommended for splitboards under about 165cm. I tried on two different brand's 163 splitboards. I'll probably have to cut the tail clips off, shorten the skin, and install aftermarket tail clips.
2) The tip attachment wires are both faulty. There is a notch in the bracket designed to keep the wire centered, but they readily pop through and the wire becomes severely off center. I was able to mitigate the issue with a thick wrap of electrical tape on the wire to block it from sliding, but it sure is annoying to have to "fix" something that's brand new! My guess is that there's a batch of poorly/loosely made tip attachments going around.

I kind of wish I had just bought Pomoca plush off the roll and installed my own aftermarket tip and tail attachments. But the skin fabric is nice!

Nice upgrade

The skins were bought to replace a 10 year old set of BD skins. This size and weight difference is incredible. These will fit your pocket! They climb at about the same level as my old BD's but they also actually glide which is a new feeling. Only nit pick is how the tip loop attaches to the skin. The attachment allows it to slide back and forth which can sometimes end up in the wrong spot if you aren't paying attention and make it hard to line up the top end of the skin. Not a big deal at all however and I'm really digging these.

Great skins

Nice traction and the pink color is a bonus for night tours

josee larochelle
Perfect service!!!

Thank you:)

Melissa Becker
Happy with gear

The gear has been great! Thank you for all the details about what the best purchases are for me