The Ski Guide Manual

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How do ski guides prep for the season? What’s a typical ‘locker room’ conversation that happens between guides before they embark on a backcountry trip? Over the next several weeks, we’ll be publishing excerpts from Rob Coppolillo’s The Ski Guide Manual that answer some of those questions. 

This updated, expert ski guide provides top-of-the-line insight for backcountry/off-piste skiiers and guides. The Ski Guide Manual presents wisdom earned through decades of experience guiding and. The result is a successful system of travel and risk management in the winter environment. The collective work of thousands of mountain guides have proven how to have the most fun and find the best snow, all which reducing risk of avalanche, cold, crevasses, and optimize group dynamics.

Customer Reviews

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Mark D.
Just what I was looking for..

I have not read all of it yet, there is a considerable amount of information to read through. I would wholeheartedly endorse this book to anyone who is going out into the mountains, summer or winter. This will be a great reference in the years to come

Susan R.
Excellent guidebook

This winter looks like another big one for self -guided, getting out there skiing. Rob’s book is an excellent step back, take a good look at what you are about to do, evaluation of your knowledge, skill, abilities, and consequences of your choices. A lot of people have great skills at the resort, but don’t know what they’re getting into away from cell service and ski patrol rescue. Rob’s book helps to get started on the great winter outdoors.
And Be Kind, Be Aware, Be Well.

Bob B.
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Rob Rips

Rob Coppolillo is a great ski and climbing guide, but he does a far better job of breaking down guiding in the backcountry. From trip planning, technique, weather, avy insight, to gear, Rob makes it clean and simple.