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Weston Backwoods Carbon Splitboard

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The Weston Backwoods Carbon is a lightweight and high-performance splitboard that is capable of big mountain riding, all human-powered of course. The board has a powder-centric, Directional Multi Radial Camber-Rocker profile and proclaimed 7/10 flex pattern. That means it has a wide nose and narrow tail to help maintain stability at high speeds in powder, but also keep the board nimble when riding through trees. The 'Multi-Radius' is a varying turning radius to further enhance the versatile riding style. What gives this board a lot of energy is it's Strike Wood Core and Carbon Weave Layup. The core is comprised of Paulownia wood laminated at a 45° angle [to enhance torsional rigidity] and full-length aluminum stringers [to improve overall strength and dampening]. A multi-directional carbon fiber laminate is layered with the core to bring energy and responsiveness while also saving on weight. An Electra Sintered Base (carbon-infused PTEX?!) further adds to the high-performance details of this top-notch splitboard. This board is light enough to spend long days in the backcountry, and reach that far off objective that you've always had in the back of your mind. Oh and don't worry, once you reach the top of said badass backcountry line, the Backwoods Carbon is more than capable of the riding down with style. If you want an ultralight splitboard that is capable of riding at an expert level, look to the Weston Backwoods Carbon.

With most Carbon boards, we would recommend checking out a

hard boot binding (like this one from Phantom Bindings). This will make for an ultralight split boarding setup so you can stay out longer and go further with your equipment.  

If you're looking for fast skins, make sure to check out the Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 Split V2 Climbing Skin!

  • Versatile, lightweight board for all your backcountry adventures
  • Directional Multi-Radial Rocker-Camber Profile
  • Strike Wood Core (Paulownia Laminate) with Vertical Aluminum Stringers and Carbon Weave
  • Flex 7/10 
  • Weight 5.95 lbs (160cm)


    With the splitboard market exploding, it is becoming more and more difficult to find the right board for your needs. Work with an experienced splitbaorder to get your setup dialed from the comfort of your home!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Pat S
    Jaw dropping performance in a lightweight package!

    Who says you cant charge hard on carbon definitely never road the Carbon Backwoods. It floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee!

    I was shocked and almost worried by how light it was the first time I held it. A few days later I was standing at the top of an icy couloir with my axe in hand. The conditions were absolutely awful but the Carbon backwoods didn't care. It made quick work out the situation and I was absolutely blown away by the performance. usually there's some kind of sacrifice getting boards that light. The Carbon backwoods proved thats no longer true! You'll be thankful for its weight savings on those long days and deep trail breaking while providing confidence inspiring performance and a damp ride in any terrain you can throw it at!

    Ben Canady
    Ask a Question: Demo days??
    Weston carbon split

    Been out on it three times. Gives me a new, better look at the local mountain. Ready to find some new lines. Game changer. Life changer. Get one and save money on a pass the next decade.

    Light, functional. Easy to use ARC bindings. Pomoca skins look like artwork hanging on the wall.

    Evan Clapper
    Description is spot on

    Been on this deck for a season and half now. I love the carbon. I've demoed a couple other brands carbons and this one feels really good. It really is as amazing as the description makes it sound.

    Christopher Cullaz
    Light is right!

    Whether you are getting your first split or you've decided to finally make the jump to a carbon board you are going to love this thing! I've ridden multiple boards from Voile, OZ, and Weston and I am a Backwoods convert. I ride the 157 with a Spark hardboot setup and I have never used a better touring machine. The board performed really well after 60 plus days of use last season and I was super impressed with how the bases held up after a particularly rocky descent in the Tobacco Roots in Montana. If you want a sweet powder board that holds up well in big mountain terrain this is the board you need!!

    Lawson Yow
    Next level awesome splitboard

    Backwoods Carbon is an awesome toy and a killer tool in the backcountry. The light weight and longitudinal stiffness make it great for precision skinning. Even when the skin track has exposed roots and ice slicks and slippy sidehills.
    Its just a blast on the downhill too. The light swing weight, plus the solid feel, is confidence inspiring in high consequence steep terrain. And the directional shape makes it perform delightfully in more playful terrain.
    Highly recommend!

    This board is unreal!

    I took this deck on a split board traverse of the entire Sangre de Cristo Range. Over the course of 13 days, and more than 100 miles of travel this thing ripped and felt light the whole way. I beat this thing up and it continued to perform. Not to mention we had almost 70 pound packs, and riding under that load felt like no big deal, especially ripping down the South Couloir on Crestone Peak.