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WildSnow Gear Review: Dynafit Hoji Free

The people spoke, and Dynafit listened. Check out the full review on WildSnow.

One year ago, Dynafit introduced the Hoji boot and forever changed what people thought was possible in a ski boot. The 120 flex Hoji Pro could not only drive any touring ski with ease, but it was lightweight and boasted a range of motion that could tackle the biggest backcountry missions you could dream up. All this was fantastic, but not unheard of. What really set this boot apart from the pack was the patented Hoji Lock system. With the flip of a switch, your power strap and upper buckle would transform into the perfect position for uphill travel. For the first time, there was a powerful ski boot that not only could tour, but would make even the most uphill friendly boots envious. 



dynafit hoji free

The Hoji Free in all of its glory. Check out the in depth review on Here


While the Hoji got rave reviews around the globe, there were a few features of the boot that left people scratching their heads. First was the absence of a toe bail. Not only does this bring up crampon compatibility issues, but many people felt that such a powerful boot ought to be compatible with MNC or WTR bindings. Another puzzling feature was a toe box sizing in at a massive 103.5 last. For a boot with the downhill capability like the Hoji, this certainly was not a performance fit. 

For the 2020 season these concerns seemed to have reached the ears of those in charge at Dynafit. Enter the Hoji Free. Toe bails, a narrower 102mm last, and a stiffer 130 flex. This is the boot that hard charging ski-tourers around the world wanted to see. Check out Doug's full review on WildSnow.com to hear our initial thoughts on the very anticipated Hoji Free. 

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