Ski touring boot becoming a timeless classic

A few things are certain in this world: death, taxes, and the Scarpa F1. After years of use by dozens of Cripple Creek Employees, hundreds of customers, and countless demos, we can confirm that this boot is awesome. Here are a few reasons why:



It's great on the uphill.

Weighing 1248 grams in a size 27, the Scarpa F1 is light enough for huge days in the backcountry. However, weight is only one factor in the uphill equation. Range of motion plays an equal role in a boots ability to walk uphill. Boasting 62 degrees of cuff articulation and a snug fit in walk mode, the F1 has the mobility to get up the hill efficiently and pain free (relatively). While it admittedly wouldn't be our first choice for Skimo events, we have seen people conquer races like the Power of 4 and The Grand Traverse sporting this boot- a true testament to its uphill capability. 


It's great on the downhill.

The F1 is constructed with Pebax Plastic, a stout tongue, and adjustable forward lean. The result is that this boot has a progressive flex that handles well across a wide spectrum of conditions and intentions. Whether you’re slaying big spring missions or simply going out to lap low angled powder with your buddies, you will appreciate the downhill performance that the F1 offers. 


Tom driving a 106 wasted ski with the F1's on a deep March day. Check out the full Silver Couloir Blog Post 

It's Durable.

After all these years, we are not only thrilled with the performance of the boot, but we love the durability. No matter how much we abuse the boot, we haven’t broken down any of the components. The BOA system doesn’t need to bear as much force as its snowboard counterparts, and as a result we have never seen one break. The ski/walk mode lever is a simple metal lever that minimizes moving parts and reduces risk of breakage. Intuition liners are warm, durable, and form fitting- the triple threat. Vibram soles are incredibly durable and will most likely outlast the life of your boot.


Simple and durable transition lever  

It's Comfortable!

Of course we could talk about the epic days that have been had on this boot, but we all know the most important thing is how a boot fits. This is an area that Scarpa has always excelled at- as evidenced by their partnership with Intuition. The F1 felt roomy even when downsized (as compared to the full size bigger I would wear Dynafit boot's). While Scarpa claims about a 102 cm last, the asymmetrical sculpted design makes it feel even wider. Best of all it comes with a fully heat moldable Intuition liner. In super lightweight boots, manufacturers have often cut corners with their liner in order to save weight. The result is a liner that hardly lasts a season and when molded adapts a negligible amount to your feet. The F1 intuition liner, although light, was molded to the point that I could even see the imprint of my navicular bone above my instep. Not only is this liner and boot comfortable, but it keeps your feet warm too. 


If you're looking for a one boot quiver, then the Scarpa F1 has to be on your radar. It has been a trusty sidekick for ski-tourers around the globe and you will love it too. Stop by anyone of our shops and we will be happy to custom fit these bad boys for your ski touring pleasure!