Is the Cassiar 95 Tour1 the ultimate quiver killer for lady skiers out there? Check out Manasseh's full review on WildSnow to hear her take. 

DPS constructed their Tour1 series to be ultralight for the uphill, but torsionally stiff and energetic for the down. The Cassiar 95 utilizes this construction with a versatile shape that features moderate tip rocker, a healthy effective edge and waist width that works well in a spectrum of conditions. The result is a ski that can stay on top of the deep snow, hold an edge on steep alpine lines, and excel in the spectrum of conditions in between. As an industry, we are obsessed with finding one ski to do it all, the proverbial 'one ski quiver'. Much like unicorns, this ski has not yet been discovered, but we are psyched at the versatility of this mid fat offering from DPS. 



DPS Cassiar 95 Tour1 Review

 Manasseh topping out on top of Treasure after a big climb.


On a training mission last Spring for the Grand Traverse, Manasseh utilized the versatility of these skis on a ski of Treasure Mountain in the West Elks. The skis were light enough to get her up a chunky 7000 ft ascent, both on her feet and her back. The upper portion of her ski down consisted of buttery smooth turns on sun warmed snow, before the impending darkness hardened the lower slopes into a terrifying crust. The carbon composite skis held their own, just as they had over the course of the season. From light Colorado Cold Smoke to chunky PNW Volcano descents, this ski can do it all. Be sure to check out the full review on WildSnow to hear more.