2020 Touring Bindings

The long time concern of alpine touring has been that tech bindings just are not capable of competing with the beefiness of a good old fashion alpine binding. The question of whether or not you will release from your pins after hucking that 20 footer or simply cruising down that 15-20 degree meadow of powder. Manufacturers have spent years developing, redeveloping, and scrapping bindings all together in order to gain a skiers trust. The result has been an industry standard of bindings that are secure enough to tackle the biggest lines you ride or simply give peace of mind for the not so aggressive backcountry riders. While tech binding do not follow the same DIN rules as alpine bindings, users will assure you that premature release or blowing your knee from locking your toe are things of the past. This years bindings push the envelope once again and have reached a level of lightweight and functionality all in one.

Black Diamond builds the Xenic from ground up

Following the huge success of both the Tecton and Vipec bindings, BD/Fritschi introduces a sub 300 gram binding to compete in the ever expanding lightweight market. What sets the Xenic apart from the crowd are its laterally active toe 'wings'. Not only does this system mean the toe is releasable, but it makes stepping into the binding exceptionally easy. Pre-release is also a thing of the past with 10mm of elastic travel in the heel and addition to the releasable toe. When the snow is unpredictable, this binding will soak up any vibration or bump that the snow surface can throw at you. Brakes are available up to 105mm, the heel piece turns 180 degrees to offer a fully flat touring mode, and the toe is compatible with BD or Dynafit Ski-Crampons. All in all, we are thoroughly impressed.

Dynafit improves on their classic 'Low Tech' design

Dynafit's Low Tech Touring binding has been a staple in the Race/Fitness niche for as long as we can remember. For 2020, the binding not only get's lighter, but stronger too! Forged aluminum and a wider mount pattern in the toe increases torsional rigidity while shaving grams. It also takes stress away from the heel piece improving the strength of the overall binding. Speaking of the heel piece, it also received an upgrade. Dynafit wrapped it with a thin metal piece that increases rigidity and strength. When all is said and done, the all new Dynafit Low Tech Race 105 is lighter than it has ever been, while instilling more confidence than ever before. Whether you're racing in a COSMIC Event or simply trying to get vert at your local resort, the Low Tech is better than ever.

Marker King Pin and Alpinist have a baby

A lot has happened in the ski-touring world since Marker first introduced the King Pin four years ago. Bindings are lighter, but still offer all the retention and rigidity you could ever need. Therefore, it was only natural for Marker to upgrade one of the most popular ski-touring bindings of recent years. Enter the M-Werks. Utilizing favorite features from both the King Pin and the Alpinist, Marker has created a powerful freeride oriented binding at a fraction of the weight.

Marker utilized the Alpine Style heel of the King Pin but incorporated carbon stringers to save weight and increase rigidity. This gives the benefit of maximum power transmission for the downhill, while minimizing weight for those big uphill days. They also include a new XXL Power Transmitters which eliminates friction and improves release consistency. While the heel closely resembles the King Pin, key upgrades ensure that it performs better than ever.

For the toe, Marker utilizes the lightweight yet powerful design from their Alpinist design. Carbon stringers ensure maximum rigidity that only requires two springs as a result. Visual aids make for an easy step in and anti ice pads keep these bindings working seamlessly no matter how extreme the conditions. The M Werks offers impressive retention and unparalleled power transition that can drive any ski with ease- all in a lightweight package that can handle big days in the backcountry.