The tide is changing and winter is coming! It’s time to mull over which splitboards are our top picks for 2022/23. Obviously, there’s something out there for everyone and we are here to help you choose the perfect board for your needs, but these are the boards getting us most excited about this Winter touring season. 

Powder Boards

It’s why we love to go splitboarding. If you’re like most people you probably bought an all-mountain board thinking you would have to ride some switch and were worried about versatility versus pure joy riding. This is the year to make the leap into a powder splitboard as these shapes are mind-blowing fun to ride and will have your all-mountain board collecting dust until volcano season arrives.

Nitro Squash is shaped for fun and powder. Priced well below other splitboards makes this board a no-brainer for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a floatier splitboard. The Nitro Squash is a mid-wide board that features a short mini swallow tail allowing riders to float without leaning back. With ample camber underfoot you can still feel confident riding steeper variable terrain on the way to the powder stash. Get this board or a Jones Hovercraft if you want to float, but cannot compromise on that true camber feel. 

Nitro Squash

Cardiff Powgoda is what you will find me riding this year over my Lib Tech Orca Splitboard. Where the Orca fails to be the same as its solid version, the Powgoda doesn’t let you down. Literally, impossible to sink this splitboard. Stiffer, with better shape specs than the Orca, the Powgoda will prove the to be a top 3 powder splitboard moving forward. 

Cardiff Powgoda Splitboard

Let’s compare these splits side by side.

Powgoda 158 = 314.5 / 272 / 294.5  ($899.95)

Orca Split 159 = 311 / 267 / 302 ($1199.95)

Not only are you getting a better board but you save $300!! Did I mention the Cardiff has a lighter more durable build?  Just pre-order one before they’re all gone.

Weston Japow is our winner from last year that makes this year’s powder board cut because we have them at 20% off for this weekend only! This board really rails the turns with 2 carbon stingers from the tail to the rear binding. When I ride Japow splitboard in powder it begs for me to ride it faster. By far the easiest board to ride, just stand up on it in neutral and shift your weight side to side and feel the float. Do not be intimidated by the swallow tail shape. I’m 6’ 0” 195lbs and ride the 169cm. Want to have even more fun? Try a posi-posi stance on this split and you will be catching airs, wiggling through trees, and giggling for more.

weston japow powder splitboard

All-Mountain Boards

Most people go-to board for their first board or when looking for something in that fast and stable category.  Choosing between this 3 splitboard is like being a judge on INK’d. We would have to nit-pick the most non-consequential details. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these boards because they are almost identical in shape, flex, and sometimes size. Luckily, I’ve had the chance to ride them all and can break down the differences of why one over the other.

All-Mountain Splitboards Jones Weston Cardiff

 Jones Solution is the gold standard that every all-mountain board is designed after. If you have an older model, pre-2020 then you definitely will need to upgrade that because the current Solution has the spoon base which makes turn initiation easier. It also busts over sun cups like no one's business. If you ride this in Powder, do yourself a favor and get a Powgoda splitboard!

All mountain jones solution


 Weston Ridgeline is more fun than the Solution for carving so it becomes even more fun to use around the resort before or after the close. Take this on the biggest of mountain runs for having the time of your life. I highly recommend this as an expert snowboarder's first splitboard. Super easy for kick turning and built wide helps riders get up and down the steps. With over 3 top sheets available it’s hard not to buy them all.

 The Cardiff GOAT is built of the same breed as the Solution and Ridgeline. If you love Cardiff Technology and the snow crafts built out of Utah you can’t go wrong with the Cardiff GOAT. Not too wide, but not narrow, some would say it’s just right. 

Consider the Weston Backwoods for an all-mountain board that surfs pow like a champion. The board floats with ease if you are looking for the best of both worlds.

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