Dynafit Superlite 150 Alpine Touring Binding

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  • Wide lateral release value range of 4-13 for a wide range of skiers.
  • U-spring 6 sold separately that reduces the fixed forward retention for lighter weight skiers.
  • Two climbing positions to adjust to varying pitches of the climb.
  • Optional superlite brake (if you're into that) and heel adjustment plate let you personalize this for your ski needs.
  • Ice breaker pins ensure security when locked in and minimize ice build up.
  • Included crampon adapter takes all Dynafit crampons.
  • Included leash ring for leash retention.
  • Description

    With its bomber design and simplistic functionality, the Dynafit Superlite 150 Alpine Touring Binding is one of the most sought out race/lightweight touring bindings on the market. Its wide mounting pattern makes it extremely responsive on the downhill for such a lightweight binding, with the fully machined aluminum construction impressing with its rugged durability. This binding is ideal for the gram-counting ski athlete or the fitness guru looking to clock lap times, though if you want to take it on bigger backcountry days it can totally handle that, too.

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    Why We Like the Dynafit Superlite 150 Alpine Touring Binding

    The new Dynafit Superlite 150 is the lightweight alpine touring binding that all other lightweight bindings look up to!

    The original 12 din Superlite 2.0 has long been a cult classic binding for those gram counters that did not want to compromise performance retention or release safety but loved dropping major grams from their set-ups. The German engineers at Dynafit took their award winning design and made...an even better award winning design. Losing all of the former plastic, this fully machined aluminum binding is lighter, stronger, more durable with better functionality than its predecessor.

    With an aluminum race inspired toe, the aft hole pattern is widened for added torsional strength to drive bigger skis on firmer snow. This binding is equally at home in steep consequential backcountry chutes and ski mountaineering races. New sweet features include four different climbing aid heights - a true flat, half-step, 1st and 2nd risers (without the ski brake) and two heights- half-step and 2nd risers (with the ski brake).

    The solid aluminum heel unit comes with a lateral DIN adjustment of 4-13(one louder!) and comes with a vertical release value of 8. You can purchase the Uspring 6 to bring that down to 6 for lighter skiers. This binding uses the same optional removable ski brake and aluminum rear adjustment plates as the Superlite 2.0.

    Pick up the new Superlite 150 and you will be impressed. Click in and point it downhill and you will be blown away!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Zachary R.
    Awesome service and help

    Came in to find bindings for a new purchase of Dynafit Blacklight 88 skis. Got help from great employee on helping me choose a binding right for my goals and training. Super nice and helpful!!

    Tom C.
    Touring bindings

    The are super light, they seem durable, and they work. Great light weight binding.

    Ben T.
    1 short tour up marble bowl 2 weeks ago.

    Boots felt great, everything works, gonna take s but to get used to but I’m a happy camper