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  • Rotate the heel until brakes are locked up
  • Open toe unit jaws by pressing down on toe lever
  • Bump the front of your boot to the alignment towers and press down to engage the front pins
  • Lock the toe by pulling up on the toe lever all the way up through ratcheting clicks 
  • Flip two heel risers forward as need for added climbing height


  • Rotate heel unit so that rear pins face forward
  • Align boot pin holes with front pins, step down. Toe lever remains in first position
  • Step down to engage rear pins
  • Press down on toe lever with ski pole to exit binding


  • Boot sole adjustment of 2.5cm, use Torx 20 bit in lowest rear screw. Lefty tighty for Dynafit
  • Ensure it is adjusted with a 4mm gap on the pins between the rear of the boot and the heel unit
  • Lateral release value is adjustable using large flat head screwdriver in the slot in the big round dial center of the heel unit. Align the fine edge of this with the desired release value
  • Forward release value is adjustable using small flat head in the recessed hole in the top rear of the heel unit. Align the small triangle indicator on the side with the desired release value

Binding specifics:

  • Leash can either be girth hitched to the cable loop on the lever and clipped to boot or vise versa
  • Snow and ice buildup is possible under the toe springs if the bindings are open and skis are on a backpack after touring in wetter snow. Clear this area with ski pole tip and open and closing. Lock then unlock to check if binding is fully clamping the boot.
  • Check the heel unit periodically for gapping under the metal top plate and the several layers below. Tighten small torx screws gently yet snug if gapping appears