Alpine Touring Boots

Alpine Touring Boots

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Dynafit Hoji Free Touring Boot
$669.99 $899.95
Dynafit PDG 2 Ski Touring Boot
$699.95 $899.95
Scarpa Alien RS Touring Boot
$639.99 $700.00
Dynafit TLT8 Carbonio
$649.95 $849.95
Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Women's Boot
$679.95 $799.95
Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot
$679.95 $799.95
Dynafit Vulcan Ski Touring Boot
$749.00 $999.95
La Sportiva Synchro Touring Boot
$579.00 $759.00
Atomic Backland Ultimate Alpine Touring Boot
From $849.99 $899.99
Dynafit Tlt8 Expedition Cr W
$559.95 $749.95
Dynafit Tlt8 Expedition Cr
$559.95 $749.95
La Sportiva Sytron Women's Touring Boot
$549.00 $749.00
Atomic Backland Expert Women's Touring Boot
From $599.00 $725.00

Alpine Touring (AT) boots were designed around the idea that chair lifts are overrated and humans are fully capable of ascending and descending snow covered slopes through our bi-pedal abilities and sheer willpower. Skiing downhill is fun and all, but it is arguably more fun (I do it for the kick-turns!) to put in a skin-track in the backcountry through shin deep powder. AT boots allow you to efficiently glide uphill, offering great range of motion and comfort while touring, and then when it's time to descend, you lock the cuff with a flip of a lever arm or buckle and voila, you're ready to descend!

Factors to consider when purchasing an AT boot:

  • What style of skiing most interests you? Chasing powder in the backcountry on wider skis or uphilling at the local resort for fitness?
  • Will this be your dedicated touring boot, or do you plant to ride lifts part time?
  • Is your foot narrow / low volume or wide / high volume? 
  • Consider the overall package along with the boot .. will this boot compliment your binding / ski choice appropriately?

AT boots are designed to fulfill a range of styles and skill sets. From the lightweight, touring efficient boots to the burly and stiff freeride boots, and the mid-range, all-purpose boots in between. There's something for everyone, and we carry the full spectrum and can help guide you to the ideal boot to match your needs and wants.