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  • Flip the heel unit slider lever from SKI back to WALK
  • Best to hold brake pad down while flipping to lock up. Can be stomped or pressed into locked mode afterwards
  • Open toe unit jaws by pressing down on toe lever
  • Bump front of boot to plastic alignment stoppers in toe piece and press down
  • Lock the toe by pulling up on the toe lever all the way up through ratcheting clicks, WALK will be covered and SKI visible
  • Heel tower remains up in skiing position for touring
  • Flip two risers forward from heel unit as needed for climbing aides


  • Flip the heel unit slider lever from WALK forward to SKI
  • Open the heel unit by pressing down on heel tower like a traditional alpine binding
  • Align boot pin holes with front pins, step down. Toe lever remains in first position
  • Step down engage heel unit like a traditional alpine binding
  • Press down on toe lever with ski pole to exit binding


  • Adjust for boot sole length/forward pressure using posi drive #3 bit in lowest rear screw. 
  • Forward pressure is confirmed when screw is flush with housing
  • Lateral release value is adjustable using posi drive #3 bit on screw underneath the climbing aid flaps
  • Forward release is adjusted with posi drive #3 bit on top screw of heel unit

Binding Specifics:

  • Snow and ice buildup is possible under the toe springs if the bindings are open and skis are on a backpack after touring in wet snow. Clear this area with ski pole tip and open and closing. Lock then unlock to check if binding is fully clamping the boot.
  • Only adjust the forward pressure with binding flipped into ski position. The worm drive track and be damaged going too far forward.
  • Forward pressure adjustment should be adjusted to each click, not in between
  • Inspect the carbon track between WALK/SKI lever and heel unit for cracks