Black Diamond Helio 110 R8 Race Binding

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Black Diamond Helio 110 is the top of the line race binding to get you to the top of the podium. Simple yet durable, the Helio 110 cuts the weight where it matters most. The Helio 110 uses a simple lateral-release heel and easy step-in toe for the quickest transitions.

The toe is constructed with Monolink Technology, which allows for a dual spring system that provides higher clamping power and much lower material weight. The easy entry system gives you a powerful and fast transition from downhill to uphill with virtually no chance for error.

The heel piece is designed with a lateral release, much like a normal race binding. This gives you the piece of mind to not damage your boot's heel system and remains stiff, creating stability in the heel to keep you going faster downhill. The U-spring is constructed with titanium for lightweight and extreme durability from constant transitions. The heel also comes with the option to adjust the lateral movement tension to provide more stability in downhill mode.

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    Michael P.
    Race to the finish

    Holy COW I'm pumped on this for racing. The heel and toe units are BOMBER. It's been a while since I've felt this confident on a race binding for sure. Easy toe to get into and the heel riser is durable (surprise! this never happens on race bindings!). All in all, I'll be putting this on my race and training skis in the future.

    Stupid light, stupid fast

    It's hard to believe ski touring bindings can be this light and strong! I picked these up for my Atomic Backland UL 65 race skis PLUS my Kastle TX 90s. I'm a sucker for lightweight gear, and so far I'm thoroughly impressed with their performance and durability. The toe has really smooth action and is easy to step into. The heel tower rotates so I can get a flat mode for long approaches. Not much else to say, except I don't think these things could possibly break - they seem absolutely bomber. Very happy with my purchases.