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Pomoca Climb 2.0 Climbing Skin Mohair Mix (Closeout)

Length: 155-170cm
Width: 100 mm

The Pomoca Climb 2.0 proves that nobody needs a 100% Nylon climbing skin. By blending the properties of Mohair, such as amazing glide and super light weight, as well as the durable properties of Nylon, you will never go back to heavy skins again.  The only reason to ever go 100% Nylon was for a cheaper price, a problem solved by the 2.0 with prices as low as $169! This is an amazing deal for a European-designed climbing skin with a North American-specific glue for the coldest days and the driest snow. Maximize your touring performance with the perfect climbing skin blend!

Ski Recommendation: Every Ski 


Material: 70% Mohair 30% Nylon

Tip Attachment: Riveted to Skin with improved tip attachment

Tail Attachment: Sewn to skin with adjustable retention clip

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Awesome skin

Glides and grips well, does it all. Get some.

Ilan Rubin

Pomoca Climb 2.0 Climbing Skin Mohair Mix (Closeout)

Nick Tessmer
climbing akins

Just peachy

Jamie H.
Pomoca skins: awesome

I have a pair of these for Black Crows Corvus Freebird skis and for a smaller ski mountaineering ski. For both setups, these skins have been amazing. They are light, they grip reliably, they glide smoothly, and the glue works well. These are the best skins I have ever used on everyday (i.e., not race) skis.

morgan hill
Pomoca Climb 2.0 - Could be grippier

The Pomoca Climb 2.0 Mohair Mix are easy-to-use, lightweight, and glide well. However, I frequently wish they gripped better on steep or slick climbs. I find myself sliding backwards and unable to get up slopes that used to be relatively easy in my Black Diamond skins. I would have opted for less glide and better grip on the uphill given the choice.

Beth Mobilian

not sure why this would be asked now when it is summer and have not skinned in months nor will I for months …. hmmmm.

The Standard

Based in Switzerland, all that Pomoca does is build skins. Got to love them for that because they build the standard in skins for fitness, touring, and racing. The reason is that they have the best combination of hair content (70/30 Mohair/Nylon) for glide and climb, the best glue (not too sticky, not too hard), and reasonably reliable tips and tails (both of which can be replaced on your own if your competent or at your local shop for a nominal fee. These skins are also durable when run over sticks, rocks, grass and dirt season after season. I love them and buy them in all colors.