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Salomon MTN Ski Touring Binding

Size: Leash

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Salomon's entry into the tech binding world shows that they have done their homework. This is a fully-featured binding that also cuts out the frills that we are seeing in some tech models, coming in under 300 grams with the optional brake installed.

Materials wise, the MTN is primarily metal, with very minimal amounts of high strength plastic. A full 30 mm adjustment range allows for multiple boots and even boot sizes if mounted with care. Flat, medium and high risers are easy to use aluminum. Furthermore, the MTN can be run like a race binding by not rotating the pins, allowing for quicker transitions with only medium and high risers.

There are three options for release value: women, men and expert. These relate roughly to 6, 8, and 11 but are probably better understood as light/casual skier, bigger/non-extreme skiers, and never-come-out skiers. Each binding comes with all three U springs that can be swapped with one simple screw. The toe unit is a standard machined-aluminum piece with a step-in guide, leash loop, crampon adapter, and locking polymide toe lever. The brake is an optional piece that is mounted under the heel unit.

If you love the features, but blue doesn't make your eyes pop, try the grey anodized Atomic Backland with the same features!

Customer Reviews

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Russel Johnson

I have had good luck with pins. Some friends don't like them but then you have to go to a heaver binding.

Jim Lehmann

Bindings work great. I have a little trouble getting the left one to click in but I think that is just me and I need a bit more practice. Like the multi level heel lift and and ease of rotating the heel piece.

Amy Clemens


Sean Mazer
Love Backcountry

Mike was extremely helpful at setting up the boots and skis. He is fantastic.

Chris Porter

JP is the best boot fitter in the valley. You are an idiot if you don’t get your boots from JP at Cripple Creek.

Solid, simple and light

Have about 5 days on these so far and am loving them. They are light, easy to use and haven't given me any trouble. The brake system is a huge improvement over previous ones I've used. The ability to simply flip the low riser down and skip rotating the heel piece is nice as is the stopper that aligns the toe tech fittings when stepping in.

Will Darken
Salomon MTN Ski Touring Binding

Well-made binding, easier to get into than my older Dynafits (also a good binding). Setting the toe lock for walk mode is stiff; maybe it will loosen up with time and use. Have only had a few days, so still getting used to it.