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Get the inside scoop into the Grand Traverse Gear Guide. Our recommendations are prefect for someone who hopes to race the GT, but also those who would like to build a tool kit for longer and farther backcountry adventures..
  • 10 min read
Overnight hut trips are every backcountry skiers dream: spending time with loved ones and skiing isolated, untouched terrain - all the while disconnected from the controlled chaos of everyday life. We have a comprehensive packing list to get you out there and prepared for the days to come. Then you can worry about more important matters like where's the best snow and what's for dinner.
  • 6 min read
The Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour seems to feather the line between lightweight uphill rockstar and burly downhill charger. Jewel reviews the new technology and design of this class-defining touring boot.
  • 5 min read
Cripple Creek Backcountry can get you situated with the perfect kit for an expedition to the beautiful Aconcagua. We're here to help you get organized with the exact equipment needed for this mountaineering objective.
  • 0 min read
What is the best setup for backcountry skiing? Two setups of course. Let us explain to you the value of a Quiver of Two.
Spring is almost here! In backcountry ski world, that means the snowpack transitions to a more predicable melt/freeze cycle, the weather gets warmer, and days get long enough for those big mountains goals that we've been training for all season. Learn more about the gear necessary for spring ski mountaineering missions.
Buying new boots is an exciting process, but it can be nerve wracking if they feel tight when you walk out of the store. Fear not, in most cases a boot right off the wall will not be perfect until it is customized to your specific foot shape. Read on to check out our options to make your new boots fit like a dream!
  • 0 min read
We want to show you how to plan a mellow tour, highlight the merits of casual backcountry skiing, and give you a few examples of what those tours might look like.
The snow is falling, the resorts are questionable, and you’re itching to get out onto the boundless backcountry with unlimited options. There is a good chance that you will cross paths with other backcountry travelers who are seeking solitude and untracked goods. These general guidelines can help us generate a respectful winter backcountry community and more enjoyable experiences for generations to come.
  • 0 min read
In celebration and announcement of the race, we're throwing together a mashup post of old and new race preparation. Doug Stenclik, Cripple Creek Chief Barista, originally posted a PO4 Preparation piece in February of 2016. What lessons can we learn from the racing of yesteryear? What new information can we contribute to help get you prepared for such a fun and grueling outing? Let's find out:
  • 8 min read