Kastle TX87 Alpine Touring Ski (2022)

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Introducing the all new TX 87 alpine touring ski. Kastle has reinvented its renowned lightweight alpine touring “TX” series with one thing in mind, to make them ski better. They have achieved their objective. An empty-wallets-weight heavier than previous versions but whole lot better on the descent no matter the conditions. The TX 87 makes for an ideal ski mountaineering ski, front-side exercise uphiller and spring corn harvester.

With the 174cm length weighing in at 1260 grams, this is a feathery light ski that can hold an edge on serious terrain when it counts. With an oversized early rise shovel, this 87cm waisted ski floats nicely. The “hook free” tip and tail have their contact points moved further towards the center of the ski enabling you to snap into turns quickly with ease.

The TX 87 has a solid Paulownia and Poplar wood core that is wound with carbon-fiberglass, making this versatile lightweight ski stiff and stable. The semi-capped sandwich sidewall construction adds durability and torsional rigidity.

Kastle’s signature Hollowtech 3.0 bright green “eye” reduces swing weight, eliminates tip chatter, dampens the ski at speed and literally glows in the dark, greatly adding to your alpine start and evening uphill experiences. So grab your camera, lengthen the exposure, and make high speed green lines down black slopes with the Kastle TX 87!

Make sure to check out the pre-cut Kastle TX87 Climbing Skin!

Customer Reviews

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Wow, the search is finally over. They're longitudinally quite soft, forgiving, and carvy, torsionally very stiff from the carbon weave with great edge hold and energy producing lively pop that isn't a violent ejection out of the turn, strikingly floaty at the width. I cannot believe something under 1300 grams skis like this. Ounce for ounce, they're by far the best ski I've ever skied (I've tried skis ranging from Enforcers, to Lasers, to Liberty Evolvs, to Fischer Transalps, to Black Crows Orbs, to Salomon MTNs). I tend to prefer carvy, precise, but not demanding skis, with good edge grip, and turn initiation. Playfulness and charginess are lower on my priority list, though the TX87 is surprisingly playful and floaty despite its edge grip, and its shovels and torsional stiffness allow one to ski a lot harder than might be expected for 1260 grams at 174. I am 6 ft 170 and normally ski 172 (slalom type carvers)-179 (Enforcer type skis) and the 174 felt great.

Alex H.
Ask a Question: And my girlfriend says I look dead sexy with them
Haven't skied them yet

But they sure are pretty

New Ski Touring Equipment

I have never Backcountry Skied before. Jewel did a excellent job helping me to get the best skis , boots, skins and boots for me. She sent me the boots to fit then set my skis and skins. As I did not feel comfortable yet going in a store. All came in fast and fitted perfectly . I did my first tour behind my house in Frisco, Co. and equipment was great! I am now hooked. Thank you , Jewel and all at Cripple Creek.

Tony M.
Great skis. 👍

Kastle are very light , good flex .
I’m really enjoying them .

Chelsea B.
New Kastles

These skis are light and still very skiable. Even in early early season snow. I love them.

Michael W.
Light and controlled carving wonder

The Kastle TX87 gives you the lightness needed for efficiency on the uphill and superb edging capacity on the downhill. Moreover, this ski has a wonderful transition from its center to the tip which provides confidence when charging through a bit of rougher snow typically suited for a wider ski. All in all, an amazing go to for everything uphilling!