Singletrack Slayers (Moderate Trail)

If cruising along a serine switchback through a grove of aspen trees at the peak of fall colors sounds like a cup of tea you might enjoy, this is the category for you. Singletrack Slayers are going to have outsoles made of softer, grippier rubbers to help keep your feet sole side down, and some will have built in rock-plates to keep those stone bruises and zingers away. They’ll also have uppers constructed with more overlays and reinforcement to help keep your foot on the shoe, even while dancing over rocks and roots like Kilian Jornet.

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Why is fit so important?
A proper fitting shoe, replaced when it should be, will allow your feet to propel you, protect you, and keep you upright, moving where you want to be. To help you better understand what to look for, we broke down the three keys to a proper fitting shoe.