Telemark Bindings

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NTN Freeride Telemark Binding
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NTN Freedom Telemark Binding
22 Designs Vice Telemark Binding
$239.00 $269.95
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Tele Tech Heel Conversion Kit
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Voile 3-Pin Binding with Cable
Voile Ski Crampons
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Meidjo Ski Brake
Meidjo 3 Ski Brake
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Meidjo Red Line Stiff Spring
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Insert Kit for Meidjo 2.1
22 designs Coil leashes
$18.00 $19.00
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22 Designs Vice Binding Part
From $0.50

Telemark bindings are designed for the soul-turner, that smooth operator who 'takes a knee' for the cause. The cause is a lifestyle, a life-affirming means of self-expression that most wouldn't dare try to comprehend. But if you're one of the rare breeds, and seek to explore the depth and breadth of telemark, then read on and wrap your head around the basics.

Binding Systems – 75 mm / NTN /  2-pin NTN

The 75mm design is the original model for telemark bindings, and is based on a wedge shaped binding toe piece which holds a boot with a 75mm wide, angled toe extension, aka the duck bill. These "cable bindings" provide moderate power transfer and varying degrees of "activity" depending on spring strength, as well as good forward flex to allow for the full bending of the forward knee. 

The "New Telemark Norm" or NTN offers increased lateral rigidity, basic lateral release, adjustable spring tension and articulated touring functionality. An NTN binding like the 22 Designs Outlaw X requires an NTN style boot like the Scarpa TX Pro. 

The 2-pin NTN system combines a tech AT toe unit with the NTN base heel, which offers a lighter-weight system with good lateral rigidity and lateral release, and quality touring efficiency. The Meidjo 2.1 binding is leading the way in this design, and seems to be the way of the future for the telemark style.


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