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Also known as 'the slender skinner', frequents his favorite stashes in the upper Crystal River Valley during the peak of winter season. You'll catch him laying a mean uptrack on his lean pow sticks with laser focus and precision, hooting and hollering as he makes kick-turn after sweet kick-turn. Paul also enjoys competing in the immensely popular and cut-throat Cosmic Series Randonnee Rally events, where like-minded enthusiasts gussy up in their finest Lycra and lightest touring gear to see who can slide up and down snow with speed and style. When he's forced to rest and attend to his work obligations, Paul helps guide the smooth operation of Cripple Creek Backcountry in Carbondale with the help of a knowledgeable and eager team. 


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Growing up in Ohio, Randy was lucky if he got to spend a handful of days on snow each year which made those days all the more special.  Randy moved to Colorado just after college and his love for skiing and snow only grew. He quickly found ski touring and loved the difficulty and adventure that came with it. He wanted to do more with better gear, but options and availability were extremely limited. That's when he realized that backcountry touring needed a dedicated shop. Randy and his good friend and business partner Doug opened Cripple Creek Backcountry the next winter and it has done nothing but grow since then. Randy is extremely grateful to be a part of this sport and the communities that support it. Running three stores keeps Randy on the move so be sure to say hi when you see him and be sure to ask him your gear questions because he loves to nerd out on the gear that keeps us moving up and down the mountains.




She firmly believes that skis and skins would beat fatbikes in a fight- so you know where to find her during the winter months! She takes solace in the perfection of low angle glades painted in a fresh layer of pow and come springtime, you’ll find her joyfully skiing corn, slush, mush, running water, dirt, fallen trees, and any other surface she encounters along the way. When she’s not quenching her thirst for adventure, you’ll find Jewel at our Carbondale Shop talking straight about gear, gettin’ down on the tuning/repair bench, or doing computer things on quickbooks. She hopes to see you sometime in the shop, or better yet, doing weird stuff out in the backcountry!


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It is tough to love every part of the sport of ski touring as much as Cripple Creek Backcountry founder Doug Stenclik. One day you might find him ripping a high alpine powder filled ball near you and the next day entering a ski mountaineering race somewhere else in the country. But his favorite thing to do is to scare himself on steep and remote peaks in the spring when the snow starts to stabilize. As the host of the Totally Deep Podcast and frequent contributor to, he enjoys introducing skiers to human powered turns almost as much as he loves making them himself. If you find yourself in Colorado, keep your eye peeled for Doug's sprinter van as he jets around the state spreading stoke for the sport.


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One late May Day while working at Slow Groovin BBQ, Owner Doug asked Matt if he wanted to try ski-touring. Matt said yes, and the rest was history because of course it really is a slippery slope. That next year Matt was hired at Cripple Creek, and before long he became a professional of this rapidly expanding sport.  Nowadays, there’s not much else you’ll find Matt doing during the winter months. He’ll be the first to let you know that lift lines are obsolete and 5 makes a crowd while exploring new terrain. Whether he is racing or just ski touring you’ll always find Matt with a grin on his face when he’s got two planks on his feet.




Eric moved to the Roaring Fork Valley from Boulder, and after spending a short time in Carbondale he knew this was home. After a decade of taking deep tele turns through the front range backcountry, he decided it was time to lighten the gear and lock the heel. Now a days you will find Eric frequenting local backcountry stashes around the valley, while still taking occasional deep lunges down an open bowl; just to keep the legs in shape. When forced back into the shop, Eric handles most of our back end operations; from repairs on your old beloved gear, fine tuning your boots, to keeping the shipping/receiving running smoothly. While you will mainly find Eric in the Carbondale store, he occasionaly floats around the Aspen store as well through the winter months.

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