The name's John Paul, but my friends call me JP. I was born and raised on Colorado's front range, and like many lifelong skiers, my journey in the sport has been predictable yet unique. I've worn many hats as a skier; from a three-year-old tyke skiing between dad's legs, to junior racer, to freestyle punk and mogul ripper, to human-powered backcountry adventurer. Skiing became the reason to get good grades, to ride my road bike thousands of miles each summer to stay strong, and eventually, to uproot my front-range lifestyle and make a permanent move to the mountains to be closer to what really matters. I got my first ski shop job at 16 years old, and helping skiers dial in their gear became a natural extension for the stoke. Over twenty years later and 100 miles to the west, that stoke is burning brighter than ever! When I'm not skiing, I enjoy riding bikes, shooting photos, and rowing my raft through desert canyons.