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  • Flip heel brake locker forward from SKI to WALK to lock up brakes
  • Flip toe unit lever from SKI to WALK to open toe pins
  • Press and hold down on front plastic lever to spread the pins. Center your boot and release lever, ensuring pins grab both boot pin holes.
  • Pull front plastic lever up to lock pins on
  • Flip single climbing riser bar up as needed


  • Press down on front plastic lever to release boot.
  • Flip toe unit lever from WALK  to SKI
  • Flip heel unit lever from WALK to SKI
  • Step in like any traditional alpine binding- toe lug under toe piece, press down on opened heel
  • Press down on heel lever with ski pole to exit binding


  • Boot sole adjustment of 3cm, use Philips posi #3 bit in lowest rear screw
  • Forward pressure indicator is the raised steel dash mark aligning the the plastic notch above the adjustment work drive screw
  • Toe release value setting is adjustable via posi #3 bit in the front of the toe unit
  • Heel release value is adjustable with heel engaged in the up ski position with posi #3 bit
  • Anti friction plate must be just barely tight to the undersole of the front of the boot. Adjust up and down with posi #3 on the side of the AFD area.

Binding Specifics:

  • The AFD plate can be tricky to adjust
    • Ensure the top of the toe lug is touching the bottom side of the very top part of the toe piece. Often times boot can hang up on the rolling parts and therefore set up too loose
    • For flat Alpine boot soles, the afd plate will be awkwardly high at a near 45 degree angle
    • The AFD adjustment has been known to back down. Check periodically
  • Icing and snow build up in the climbing aid and brake locking mechanism can cause brakes to drop or not lock up. Keep this clear
  • Release is fully DIN certified making this the only pin touring binding with DIN release values