Trail Running and Hiking Gear

At our Denver, Highlands, Silverton, and Avon we are stoked to offer summer gear for all your backcountry persuits!
Ready to find to perfect shoe for you?
At CCBC, we pride on selves on knowing a thing or two about feet. Whether it is ski boots or trail running shoes, we've got the expertise to get you dialed in on your next pair of trail shoes. Schedule an appointment at our Denver, Avon, or Highlands location to work 1 on 1 with an expert shoe fitter.
The Importance of Properly Fitting Trail Shoes
When we walk and run through the backcountry, heck, when we walk and run anywhere, we often forget about the hard work that our feet are doing. With our feet working extremely hard, we want to make sure our shoes our helping us not hurting. To learn more about the importance of fit and what to look for, check out our blog.