Black Diamond Carbon Whippet Pole

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The latest evolution of the legendary Whippet, this two-piece pole features a removable steel pick, giving you extra traction on steep, high-consequence terrain. By using the ClickLock dial, you can release the pick and descend moderate slopes with a lightweight, yet rugged two piece pole that features a carbon fiber lower, aluminum upper and our reliable FlickLock Pro adjustment.

The Carbon Whippet is a tool no ski mountaineer should be without. You are climbing up a steep icy couloir in the spring, would't it be nice to have a little security in your hand? Then the climbing turns technical and its time to reach for the real tools, just collapse the Whippet and throw it on your pack. The Carbon Whippet is a three segment pole that packs down to nothing and weights just over a pound in your pack. The stainless steel pick with canard wing built into a dual-density touring grip keeping it sturdy and reliable when climbing or self arresting. 

~Not sold as a set~

  • ClickLock DialRemovable steel pickGrip insert for ski mode
  • FlickLock Pro adjustment
  • Carbon lower shaft, aluminum upperIndexed ¾ powder basket
  • 100cm-140cm adjustable length

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4x4 Low for your Hands

Self arrest with these puppies? Ever used your voile straps to secure an ice axe to a ski pole? It works if you have to but having the right tool for the job is always so much nicer. Combine with ski crampons or even boot crampons and you've got 4x4 low on your hands and feet. If you need more than whippets your in seriously steep snow or technical ice climbing terrain. I've found they just give me the confidence to get through a tough little section without worrying so much. Combine one with an ice axe as well and now you can have the security of an ice axe in one hand with the comfort and assistance of a treking pole in the other.