CAMP Corsa Ice Axe

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Perfect for your fast and light ski mountaineering missions, the CAMP Corsa Ice Axe is the lightest ice axe in the world! The clean design provides amazing performance especially  considering how little it weighs. Perfect for low-angle glacier travel, ski mountaineering and adventure racing. The 7075-T6 aluminum alloy head and shaft meet all CE and UIAA requirements for strength and durability. However, the Corsa is not recommended for ice climbing, rugged mixed terrain, or for intense step chipping.

  •  Forged aluminum pick and adze
  •  Ideal for snow travel and self arrest
  •  Can be used as an anchor for glacier rescue and traversing cornices
  •  Nylon spike plug on 60 and 70cm lengths keeps ice out of the shaft
  •  Optional sliding leash (1305) easily attaches to the shaft


Weight: 205 g, 7.2 oz
Sizes: 50, 60, 70 cm
Spike: No (Shaft plug on 60, 70 cm)
Leash: No

Customer Reviews

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Add security to your tour

A snow tool like the Corsa is a great idea to bring on almost any steep mission or spring tour because it introduces safety in exposed terrain and is featherweight light. I say snow tool because the Corsa is all aluminum and will have a hard time swinging into ice. This is a good thing because if you're swinging into ice with a straight shafted tool, you should know that you're not in the right place. This tool provides a lot of safety while booting couloirs, traveling across exposed terrain, and topping out technical objectives. It's light enough that you won't leave it at home, which is the ultimate folly that most of us make. Get the shortest length because you'll be using it skiing, and not as a walking stick, you already have one of those in the form of a ski pole.